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JetBlue Adds Buy-on-Board Food to Their In-Flight Snacking Menu

June 21, 2010 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

JetBlue prides themselves on being one of the few airlines left offering unlimited free snacks and beverages, and we’ve definitely had our fair share of Dunkin Donuts coffee and blue chips. However, the airline realizes that passengers might get a little hungrier on long flights, so they’re testing out selling snacks on trips over three hours and 45 minutes on Airbus A320 aircraft. Don’t worry, their normal selection of soda, animal crackers, and chocolate chippers will remain free for all.

They have five different kinds of tasty boxed meals, and each has a snappy name and themed team of ingredients. The "Wake Up" package helps you get ready to face the day if you’re headed out on an early morning flight by including a croissant, strawberry jam, almond butter, crackers, fruit, and some chocolate milk to wash it all down. "Beef Up," "Shape Up," and "Power Up" are the other options and include a combination of dried fruits, different crunchy packaged carbs, and some type of protein—whether in the form of nuts or jerky.

If a long day has you needing some in-flight wine, JetBlue will be happy to pair you up with a decent selection of cheeses, fruit, and crackers. The "Cheer Up" package includes swiss, smoked cheddar, and hot pepper cheese along with dried apples and cranberries. All the new snack options cost just $6. JetBlue wants to know what you think about their decision to sell food up in the air, so be sure to let them know right here. We know that we wouldn’t mind a sandwich or salad option—just in case they’re listening.

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