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The Top Three US Destinations for Those Who Love Hot, Hot Summer Heat

June 22, 2010 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

Sunbathers crowd Central Park's Sheep's Meadow during a hot NYC day

Raise your hand if you're happy that it's finally and officially summer. For some, 85+ degree weather and direct sunlight is manna from the gods, and although we'd prefer to stay indoors sidled up next to our A/C unit, we envy those people who can stand the heat. If you're a sun worshiper and proud of it, you should totally join your fellow summer lovers in these three hot hot hot US destinations:

· Palm Springs, CA:
So what if Coachella is already over this year? Palm Springs, a nice little oasis in the middle of the California desert, hits 108-degrees daily at this time of the year, and you know what that means? Aside from the fact that it is definitely popsicle weather, it means tanning is not a problem (bring sunblock) and everyone's pools are open for the season. That is—everyone who hasn't skipped town because of the heat, closing up their winter residences. This is the low season in Palm Springs, and that also means cheap prices. Heck, even the too-cool-for-school Ace Hotel & Swim Club has many levels of rooms available for only $89.

· New York City:
Those who can afford to get out of the city and into the Hamptons have already done so, leaving the blazing sidewalks and sweaty subways to the tourists. Unlike Palm Springs, summer is the high season for New York and you won't find many hotel deals. What you will find however, are tons of al fresco dining options, parks chock-full of pasty hipsters playing extreme frisbee, special events like street fairs, and overall a far more tourist-friendly city.

· Lake Havasu City, Arizona:
If you can stand 115-degrees, then you'll be downright blissful in Lake Havasu City this week. There's a reason that this place is known for their population of houseboats; it's because no one can stand to be too far away from a dip in the water during this time of the year. So what do you get from heading here during the off-season? Bikinis, BBQs and—if you're driving—a quick escape to cooler temperatures. A trip to the Grand Canyon—a little over 3 hours away by car—drops the temperatures down to a more reasonable 78 degrees. Or—if you're game for more hot temps—Palm Springs is as much of a drive in the opposite direction.

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