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Rosetta Stone Busts into the Airport Vending Machine Game

Where: Orlando International Airport [map], Orlando, FL, United States
June 21, 2010 at 4:55 PM | by | ()

We've seen vending machines at airports peddling everything from Kosher food to gold bars, and yet this Rosetta Stone vending machine at Orlando International Airport completely took us by surprise last weekend.

It makes perfect sense to be selling the expensive (but comprehensive) language learning courses at an airport, but why in the terminal with the flights from Southwest and Jetblue? They aren't exactly flying to Europe or Asia or anything. That said, these are selling as when we passed back by this machine on our flight out of MCO, we noticed that a few more languages had sold out.

Would you buy a language learning course from an airport vending machine like this?Let us know in comments below!

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I've seen them at several airports for the past year now. Crazy. I also saw them at Costco and that made me mad because it was cheaper than what I paid for it. Boo!

Convenient When In The Mood

Why in an airport full of domestic flights? I would guess because its the feeling you get when in the air port. Sure, you're flying to Pokipsee but you COULD potentially go get another ticket and end up in Paris. I wish Rosetta Stone had a kiosk where I was on a long flight and didn't bring a book (I thought I was going to speed through security by traveling ultra-light). That would have been a great time to start learning a new langague. As it is, I found a great deal on Rosetta Stone through a college at http://www.cbcwebcollege.com where it's only $48 for three months of access to all languages and levels. I have to say that having Rosetta Stone is like having that kiosk in the airport. Sure, I'll never be fluent in Greek and Mandarin Chinese, but with the it in my hands, I COULD potentially learn them both. There's comfort in that.