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TSA Takes the Next Steps with 'Secure Flight' Rules

June 16, 2010 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

Don’t be surprised if your favorite friendly TSA agent asks how old you are, but not because they want to send you a card on your birthday. As part of the Secure Flight program, we’ve been giving our birth date, gender and full name to the brave folks in blue for quite some time, but last week things became even more official.

For better or for worse the TSA is now in charge when it comes to making the list and checking it twice regarding passengers on all domestic flights. They’ll be cross-checking your name against the bad guy lists for any and all travel in the nifty fifty, and the little bit of extra information should help alleviate the need to ban four-year-old kids because their names match someone on a No-Fly or Terrorist Watch list. The government is also hoping that all international carriers will be using the Secure Flight system by the end of the year.

The TSA is especially proud of getting this all ready to go and they’ve even dubbed it a “major aviation security milestone.” We can’t think of any security milestones—metal detectors?—so we guess we’ll go along with their claim.

Only time will tell if this actually provides more protection, or if it will just add more hassle and delay to an already confusing travel system.

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