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The American Museum of Natural History Sues American Airlines Over Dead Fish

May 4, 2010 at 9:21 AM | by | ()

United Airlines will forever be known as the airline that breaks guitars, and now American Airlines might be the airline where fish go to die. The American Museum of National History is pissed at American because they claim that the airline lost some pretty important fish. The underwater critters were no longer alive, but they were preserved and were headed to New York to be part of the museum’s Congo Project.

The museum is filing a lawsuit against American Airlines for at least $25,000. They’re claiming that the airline caused them to blow a chance at doing research on the preserved fish, and apparently the world is less of a place because we missed out on this dead fish research. The specimens were lost in Brussels last October, but American Airlines claims that they had to toss the containers because they were leaking and full of maggots—gross.

Officials at the museum insist that their barrels of fish couldn’t have been leaking because they were specially preserved and packed for shipment. We’re sure this is a big deal for some curator at the museum that dedicated his or her life to the study of old fish from Africa; however, we kind of think they should have used UPS for something like this. They just seem a little more reliable than the cargo hold below an airplane.

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