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Is This the Best One Man Band in the World?

May 26, 2010 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

Paris has its mimes, New York has its garbage can drummers and it seems like everywhere else has their own version of the living statues, but it's Düsseldorf, Germany that has the Guinness World Record holder for Biggest One Man Band, and his name is Schrotti.

While we were coming down off a high from riding the first Lufthansa A380 flight, we took a trip of our own from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf, and happened upon Schrotti during a stroll along the Rhine River. There he was, stomping his feet on a keyboard that controlled percussion, and triggering some sort of soup can instrument, all while strumming on a guitar and singing songs that ranged from German classics to old Coca Cola commercial jingles.

At times, the crowd watching him got so thick and so spirited that there'd be a small line to add Euro coins to his tip basket. He's such a sight to see, that you almost can't help staring and sharing.

But is he the best busker in the world?

We'll let you judge for yourself, and we've added a gallery of our own photos and some video of the man in action. He's been a Guinness World Record holder in street performance since 1989, so he must be successful. And if it wasn't for the creepy plastic baby dolls and odd assortment of toys electrically wired to bop along with his music, we might even find him a bit cute in an awww grandfatherly sort of way.

But whatever you think of Schrotti—especially if you surmise that he is indeed the best busker in the world—you've got to agree that he is also a major fire hazard.

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