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Qatar Air is Already Dreaming of In-Flight Fun for Their 787s

May 26, 2010 at 8:31 AM | by | ()

Sure the pilots are in love with Boeing’s new invention, but what about us passengers stuck in the back of the plane? Those magical windows will only keep us entertained for so long, and that’s why we are pumped to hear about Qatar Air’s plan to pimp out the headrests with in-flight entertainment galore.

Although we won’t be totally content until the in-flight WiFi plans are released, we are pretty interested in seeing what Thales has to offer—they’re the company that’s bringing the TopSeries system to the 787. No remote controls will be necessary as the displays will be touch screen—we can already feel the pokes from the passengers behind us. There will also be some kind of way to hook personal entertainment into the system, so we’re thinking that means some USB ports or other ways to keep the juice flowing to your iWhatever.

Even though a remote control won’t be necessary, you might want to take one for a spin anyway, because the new system promises a fancy one that doubles as a video game controller, similar to what you'll find one newer planes already out there, but updated. Broadband access will be integrated into the devices as well, so rest assured that there will be some way to get live access to the internet, but we’re concerned that it might only be limited to current news, weather, and duty-free shopping.

It’s nice to hear that airlines are going to push the envelope with their next generation airplanes, and we’re eager to learn more as these planes get closer to their first commercial flight. Let’s just hope all this technology makes it to the back of the plane as well as the front. Maybe we can even get some information out of All Nippon Airways soon—they’ve got to have something good cooking over there as the first flight countdown clock ticks on.

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