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LOST Isn't Over Yet; You Can Still Visit Their Filming Locations in Hawaii

May 24, 2010 at 8:33 AM | by | ()

The series finale of LOST happened last night, and if you’re a fan then today will be spent discussing the show over the watercooler. After a few days, you’ll finally settle upon some conclusion as to what it all means, and that's when you'll need something else to replace your love for the passengers aboard Oceanic flight 815.

If there’s no other television show to fill the gap in your life, you can always head to Hawaii to see where the whole show was filmed. There’s plenty of tour companies that will be happy to take you and your crew around Oahu to see various filming locations from the show. This idea is best for those who look forward to the lush scenery on the show just as much as the drama.

Kos Tours has Hummers fully equipped to reach the remote—and not so remote—filming locations, including the beach where the plane crashes in season one. They should be adding series finale locations any day now. Choose from several different tour lengths, but if you go for the 10-hour tour, you’ll be snapping photos of over 30 different filming locations. A five-hour tour will set you back around $140.

If you’d rather take your own rental car off the beaten path in search of the setting for the show’s locations, check out the tips over at Go Visit Hawaii. They’ve compiled some pointers on how to get to the beach where LOST is filmed right here. Hopefully this will help you get over your entertainment related depression, but if not, the new fall lineup is only a few months away.

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