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Party Dispatch: Pam Ann Takes Off with JetPRIDE

Where: 700 Queensway Dr. [map], Long Beach, CA, United States, 90802
May 18, 2010 at 8:30 AM | by | ()

Back in April, we gave you a preview of JetBlue’s planned JetPRIDE flight from San Francisco to Long Beach in honor of Long Beach Pride, and this last weekend, the big gay flight totally happened and we were absolutely onboard.

The special quickie flight, given the flight number 1969 in honor of the Stonewall Riots and the birth of the Pride movement, featured pink drinks and a hostess with the mostest: Australian comedienne Pam Ann.

After the jump, check out our play-by-play coverage—including video—of the goings on, complete with cocktails and cupcakes, gift bags, and a giveaway contest courtesy of JetBlue’s Pride partner, Joie De Vivre Hotels.

The fun kicked off even before the flight, with Pam Ann checking in a few lucky early birds at the ticketing counter before going through the security body scanners herself. No TSA size jokes there. At the gate, passengers were treated to a champagne and cupcake (with pink frosting, of course) reception. Then, after giving the nearby Virgin America crew a good-natured ribbing, Pam Ann announced it was time to board. On the way to the plane, passengers were given gift bags with issues of OUT and The Advocate, snooze kits with eye masks and ear plugs, a JetBlue key chain, and commemorative t-shirts.

Pam, true glam air hostess that she is, welcomed each passenger aboard—some more salaciously than others—and introduced the flight crew to the raucous travelers, conjecturing about each one’s sexual proclivities. With all the niceties out of the way, it was time to take off into the (very gay-)friendly skies.

Right on schedule, JetPride Flight #1969 was winging its way to Long Beach. Pam Ann got a firm grip on the plane speaker phone and regaled the crowd with one-liners before taking charge of beverage service herself, and presiding over the pouring of unlimited free champagne and pink cocktails (cranberry-vodka, if you were wondering) for the passengers. Treating the cramped aisle as her own personal runway, Pam preened and pranced, stalked and sashayed, glad-handing “the gays” and trading quips with everyone within earshot.

After a first round of bubbly and booze, Pam Ann brought JDV Hotels founder Chip Conley to the front of the plane. In addition to the Hotel Maya’s Pride Package for the weekend (which included tickets to all the parties and the Pride Festival, plus a $50 hotel restaurant credit), Conley hosted a quick giveaway contest where he doled out free stays at three other JDV properties in California, putting the crowd into an even better mood.

JetBlue then announced that it would be pinning Pam Ann with an honorary set of wings…and we’re sure you can imagine the jokes that followed. But before you knew it, it was time to start our descent into Long Beach, and with a few parting shots, Pam relinquished the speakerphone and took her seat.

Of course, her hosting gig wasn’t done quite yet. Stationing herself on the outdoor jetway, Pam bid each and ever passenger farewell with a smile, a wave, a hug, and yes, even a pat on the derriere when the situation called for it. We took an informal survey of our fellow passengers afterwards, and the only complaint was: that the flight was too short. Same time, next year?

Disclosure: Jaunted went on the flight and to Long Beach's PrideFest as a guest of JetBlue and JDV.

[All photos: Jaunted]

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