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Seattle Has the Awesomest Events, Like May's Grilled Cheese Recipe Contest

April 30, 2010 at 12:35 PM | by | ()

Pike Place Market in Seattle is already a must-see foodie and tourist destination, but in a few weeks it’s going to get an upgrade as the Seattle Cheese Festival hits the market on May 15 and 16.

Cheese showcases—can you say free samples—run throughout the festival on both days, but there are much more focused events as well. Fans of pizza will want to take in the mozzarella making demonstration. Here you’ll learn what it takes to craft something way better than the bagged shredded stuff, and they’ll even teach you how to make burratta—it’s fresh mozzarella with cream in the middle. Of course there will be plenty of wine to go with your cheese as well. Hit up the wine and beer garden, and five tasty samples can be yours for just $10. However, you might want to bring your own crackers—just in case.

For those that prefer their cheese between two slices of toasted, buttery bread, there will be a grilled cheese recipe competition. There’s still time to enter as recipes will be accepted through May 1, and the winner will debut his or her creation at the festival. Entries must include cheese and bread—duh—and can include up to six ingredients. That’s means someone is definitely going to enter a sandwich with six different types of bacon, and it probably will be us.

Expect the usual festival fun of educational seminars as well as cooking demonstrations throughout the weekend. Some of the events will set you back around $35, but they do usually include wine pairings. If you still want more cheese following the festival, there will be special “Cheese Fest Best” dishes offered any many restaurants throughout the city. It’s time like this we’re pretty thankful that we’re not lactose intolerant.

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[Photo of a cheese festival in the past: quaziefoto]

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