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From Tim Tams to Abba-Zabas: Eat Your Way Around the World in Candy

April 23, 2010 at 12:40 PM | by | ()

Tim Tams, Pocky, Wine Gums and Guld Nougat bars...make your mouth water, don't they? Expats and seasoned travelers can probably name the countries associated with each of these candies, but sinking your teeth into one isn't so easy. They're rare to find outside of their countries, but luckily a New York candy shop is rounding them up and shipping them out directly to you.

Started by the daughter of American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Dylan's Candy Bar is a mecca for those with a sweet tooth, as the triple-floor store doles out everything from ice cream flavors like "coffee and doughnuts" to shower gels scented like "birthday cake." But Dylan Lauren also has a taste for rare and historic candies, ones that immediately send the parents of the kids that come into the store into warm nostalgia. This month, she's collected the best of the United States' regional candy favorites into one $30 box and added it to her line of international candy suitcases.

The idea is to deliver a taste of a country through its sweets; for example, the Australian box is packed with Tim Tams, Kookaburra mango, strawberry and chocolate-covered licorice, strawberry bullets and raspberry licorice. For the US one however, they traveled the fifty states in conjunction with Travelocity to find Maui Caramc bars in Hawaii, Abba-Zabas on the west coast, Valomilks in Kansas and more.

Because this is the debut week of the US box, Dylan's is offering some of the candy on sale individually until Monday, April 26. Check that out here, and complete this quiz to enter a contest to win one whole candy suitcase.

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