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Entrepreneur Magazine Names Jaunted Among Top 10 Travel Tweeters

April 19, 2010 at 7:43 PM | by | ()

Open up the May 2010 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine to page 59, and you just might recognize a thing or two. Namely, you'll recognize us, if you'll allow us to toot our own horn for a quick second. The magazine has named us as one of the Top 10 Twitter Feeds, chiefly for travelers. We're right up there with some of our friends, and it feels oh so nice. Let's make a deal: you follow us and we'll churn out even awesomer tweets, okay? Okay.

The list from Entrepreneur:

Busy business travelers like things short and sweet, and it doesn't get much shorter than Twitter. Here are 10 of the sweetest feeds for the latest in travel deals, news, advice and entertainment.

@Boingo: Tweet your complaint about a weak airport Wi-Fi signal and you'll get a troubleshooting session with the Boingo team.

@BookingBuddy: Great deals from a variety of websites, including cruise lines, airlines, hotels and travel agencies.

@Corptravel: The latest industry news and how it affects business travelers.

@FareCompare: FareCompare's real-time alerts tell you when airfares drop on flights from your city. Or plug in your home airport's three-letter code to follow a 'flyfrom' feed for specific fares

@Heather_Poole: A flight attendant has to deal with loads of cranky people at 35,000 feet, so it's no surprise that Poole has some stories to tell. Read 'em and re-tweet.

@Jaunted: Take a break with the self-proclaimed 'Pop Culture Travel Guide,' the source for celebrity-centric travel tweets. (Hello, Kevin Smith?)

Even more, after the jump!

@JetBlueCheeps: Tuesday mornings, JetBlue announces last-minute, deeply discounted, Twitter-exclusive deals (like $79 from BOS to LAX). Act fast: There are 50,000 followers and just 25 seats at that Tuesday price.

@SouthwestAir: A direct pipeline to the Southwest customers service team and worth following to watch one of the best examples of a company using Twitter to clinch brand loyalty.

@SmarterTravel: Travel advice such as what to do if your flight is canceled, or alerts about fee or mileage program changes.

@TripAdvisor: More digestible than the overwhelming website. Great for outings and hotel suggestions for any itinerary.

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