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Spanish Air Comet Flight Attendants Get Naked For Unpaid Wages

April 1, 2010 at 3:36 PM | by | Comments (4)

Let this be an lesson for you about the subtle differences between stodgy British sensibilities and hotblooded Mediterranean thinking. When British Airways cabin crews gamed out how to deal with a wage dispute, they tried to strike, failed to strike, tried to strike again, managed to strike, and ended up alienating pretty much everyone. When flight attendants from the now-defunct Spanish Air Comet wanted to call attention to how the airline owes them eight or nine months of back pay, they took off all their clothes, had themselves photographed as part of a racy calendar picture shoot, and made sure that their images got splashed all over Spanish newspapers and television. The Spanish public, by all reports, has proven significantly more sympathetic to the cabin crews' plight.

Apparently Air Comet hasn't paid its workers something like €7 million, but that's a small sum compared to the total €160 million the airline owes to various creditors. Fearing that they would never see a Euro without public help, nine stewardesses decided to bare all in the airplane-themed calender. There are shots of them walking the aisles dressed only in hats and smiles, multiple pictures taken inside a cockpit, and at least two photos involving jet engines.

The calenders are reportedly going for €15 per copy, though no one's been able to lock down exactly where you can buy one. It's being sold as part of a de facto fundraiser for the girls, though the ultimate goal is obviously to raise sympathy for Air Comet's cabin crews.

If you're a fan of this sort of public outreach, we've got good news and better news. The good news is that you can find nine of the racier pictures on the Sun's slideshow here (definitely NSFW). The better news is that the Air Comet girls seem to have started something of a trend. Flight attendants from Aer Lingus have announced their own plans to strip, this time in protest of recent staff lay-offs. The Aer Lingus report is dated today so we're going to have to source it a bit more because the Internet is functionally broken on April Fools, but the rest of the stuff—especially the mostly-to-totally naked hot Spanish stewardesses—is totally legit.

[Photo: Augusto Robert, Reuters/Handout]

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Comments (4)

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Spanish Air Comet Flight Attendants Get Naked For

Look at the date.... April 1


We may have covered the story on April 1, but this news made it around the real press. Pretty sure it's not a joke, even if the pictures were done by the worst photo retouchers ever.

Definitely not a prank

It's been circulating around Spanish media for a couple days - see this Mar 31 coverage in an Aussie mag (http://goo.gl/5f3M - NSFW) - and has been picked up by Reuters, AP, BBC, etc. Plus the extensive picture galleries exist. And are awesome.

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