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Google Maps Expands Street View To Boulder's 360 Miles of Bike Routes

March 8, 2010 at 4:00 PM | by | ()

The Google GPS trike!

In January we told you about how Google used their new specially designed GPS trike to go where no Google Maps had gone before, mapping the inside of the San Diego Zoo. Now the search giant is taking their toy off-road, promising to add Boulder, Colorado's 360 miles of bike routes to Street View. The city officially won a contest after 1 in 5 residents voted online, asking to be the test site for a new kind of Google Maps biking feature.

Google Maps can already create point-to-point driving routes, bus routes, and walking routes for many major cities. This new project seems geared toward giving a fourth kind of route option, one that would take commuters and travelers along biking trails. If bikes are going to become a stable mode of transportation—and they already are in some American cities, to say nothing about certain European capitals—then this just makes good sense.

Boulder apparently dominated the contest after the local Google office engaged in something of a get-out-the-vote campaign. The final tally had 21,000 votes being cast for the city, more than enough to win. Not a bad turnout for a bunch of comptuer geeks. So now someone will get to ride the trike around literally hundreds of miles of bike routes, and get to be this guy. Neat:

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[Photo: GroovyGreen]

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