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British Airways Wants to Burn Garbage Juice for Fuel by 2014

March 3, 2010 at 10:50 AM | by | ()

British Airways has been in the news quite a bit lately, but not for anything positive. There were those racy flight attendant pictures, and then most recently that whole prostitution ring thing got our attention. Some might think that this news makes the airline look a little trashy, but it’s their new fuel strategy that is coming from the garbage—ha!

Beginning in 2014, the airline will partner with Solena to bring some biofuel to their fleet of jets. Solena is set to open a plant in London, and once it’s complete, British Airways is expected to buy as much garbage gas as they can. They’re claiming that 16 million gallons of this fancy fuel will be produced at the plant. Sounds good to us, but 2014 is a few years away and numerous delays wouldn’t be too surprising.

It sounds like a large amount, but this biofuel won’t even make a dent in the airline’s total fuel bill. It’s expected that it would make up only two percent of the airline’s fuel usage at just London-Heathrow. They have to start somewhere, and despite the small percentage, they are working to get 10 percent of their fuel from processes like this by 2050. Hopefully by that time the biofuel will be powering some kind of new supersonic aircraft.

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