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Let the Fist Pumping Begin: 'Jersey Shore' Begins Filming Miami Second Season

March 22, 2010 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

It's official! The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore have landed in Florida to begin filming season 2. A tipster spotted the cast at the W Hotel Fort Lauderdale, where they were either staying before heading to their Miami house or perhaps this is where they'll call home? Real World Las Vegas after all took up residence at The Palms years back.

According to TMZ and numerous other gossipy sources, MTV already began filming the cast back at their homes, as they packed their Ed Hardy clothes and tanning gels into suitcases in preparation for Miami. All of this fits in line with a curious invite we received last week to attend JWoww's bon voyage to Miami party.

MTV is anxious to get the second season filmed before prime tourist season in South Beach, and also so that they can have it up on TV for summer television—this means that impressionable teens and twenty-somethings will be staring at Florida beaches throughout the show. We wonder where will the hottest spring break spot next year? Hmm...

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[Photo: Piedra Homes, FLBL]

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