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'The Bachelor' in Saint Lucia; Follow in the Footsteps of Jake and Vienna

March 2, 2010 at 9:02 AM | by | Comment (1)

We have a confession to make. We didn't start watching this 14th season of the reality TV show "The Bachelor" until we heard that they were taking the final few episodes on the road to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. It also helps that the Bachelor himself, Jake Pavelka, is a commercial airlines pilot for Atlantic Southeast Airlines (yea, we've never heard of them either). Jake whisked his last three girls, Tenley, Gia and Vienna, to the island known as a honeymoon paradise, in order to make a decision.

Since we were recently on St. Lucia as well, we've got a bit of a behind-the-scenes with some of the major locations from this "Bachelor" finale.

Check out our "Bachelor" in St. Lucia extras after the jump! SPOILERS ALERT!

· The big finale:
The finale scene of the season, where Jake says goodbye to Tenley and proposes to Vienna, takes place on the open-air Celestial Terrace at Jade Mountain Resort, where you can dine while staying at the uber-luxurious resort and stargaze, or even take a dip since the Celestial Terrace includes a pool! Looking at the filming schedule for "The Bachelor," we beat them to the Terrace by only a couple weeks! Check out our visit to Jake and Vienna's special spot—complete with huge photo gallery—here. We wonder if they ate the same cheesecake we did?!

· Fantasy Suite night with Vienna:
After a successful final date with Vienna where they explored the sulphuric volcano area of the island, Jake sends a fantasy suite card to Vienna for a night spent at Anse Chastanet Resort, a sister property of Jade Mountain that site just down the hill from it. And guess what? We totally beat them to the place, again. If you want to see where Jake and Vienna (possibly) got it on, check out our behind-the-scenes at Anse Chastanet here!

· Dinner with Tenley:
On another of his big dates, Jake takes Tenley for a romantic dinner at the BodyHoliday LeSport Resort, where we spent some time ourselves recently. If you're curious to get a closer look at where Jake and Tenley chowed down, check out our visit here.

· They also went scuba diving...was it here? We're kinda disappointed that we were a couple weeks too early to the island, or we could have been bumping into reality TV stars underwater.

· And what got them in the romantic mood? Well, the tropical breezes and hot bodies couldn't have hurt, but we're guessing some of the sexually suggestive plant life on the island added some spice as well.

· If you've got your own Jake or Vienna to impress, you can visit St. Lucia "Bachelor"-style with a new "Wings of Love" package that Jalousie Plantation (one of those other fantasy suite nights) cooked up. More on that, here.

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[Top photo: ABC; Gallery photos: all Jaunted & HotelChatter]

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Fantasy Suite

Care to explain why you don't show the FS Jake shared with Tenley where they (possibly) got it on? I won't ever use your site with the obvious, even blantant nastiness you show.

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