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Lady Gaga Almost Suffers Deep Vein Thrombosis on Transatlantic Flight

March 11, 2010 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

Update: If you want to see pictures of exactly what Gaga was wearing on the plane, click here.

Pop star Lady Gaga is notorious for her outlandish sense of style, but dramatic shoes and avant garde outfits were almost her downfall this week when the singer showed early stages of the potentially deadly deep vein thrombosis condition while on a transatlantic flight.

Gaga suffered from swelling in her legs on the flight, due to the most outrageous in-flight fashion we've ever heard of. She donned the infamous "Armadillo" shoes by recently deceased British designer Alexander McQueen and dressed in a black and yellow tape ensemble like the one pictured above from her upcoming Telephone single.

The flight attendants (airline sadly unknown), became greatly concerned with her condition and eventually convinced Gaga to change her clothes into something less restricting. But before she could strip, she had to get help to undo her outfit, it was that complex. Perhaps one of the other celebs on her flight came to her rescue? Also on board were P. Diddy, Peaches Geldoff and Liam Gallagher.

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http://gagadaily.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=395 The link above shows this outfit made from 'yellow and black tape' that she wore on that transatlantic flight. That outfit doesn't seem to be so restricting in the leg region, does it? She may have changed on board a flight, the woman changes outfits between commercial breaks, for goodness sake! By the way, the shoes she was wearing are Armani Prive, not Alexander McQueen --- those who have fabricated this story should be ashamed of exploiting the designer's memory to validate their story.


You don't have to be mean. All the big media reported McQueen shoes. And they do look very much like ones he walked down the runway several season ago, also like Nina Ricci's spring/summer collection shoes.

Gaga vs. Brit

Deep Vein Thrombosis - that could be the name of her next song! If you like the antics of Gaga, you'll probably enjoy "Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost" (find it on Amazon). Brit was acting crazy long before Lady Gaga came along!

i said this already

so it may come up twice, but the jist was: i have always wondered whether celebs wear their ridiculous outfits all through the flights, or wbhether they change into their jimjams after takeoff. good to know gaga is one to go for the whole hog.