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Man Sues Airline Because Flight Attendants Wouldn't Check Out His Scrotum

Where: Canada
March 10, 2010 at 6:10 PM | by | ()

Hey men, next time you fly with Canada's Air Transat, you might want to wear a cup over your junk, because if something happens to the family jewels while in flight, they will not be helping you out with your medical issues.

You see, a peculiar incident happened on a recent Air Transat flight between Montreal and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when a male passenger in business class has some sort of accident with his scrotum, that caused some bleeding and pain. He panicked and asked the flight crew to look at his scrotum, as it was a medical emergency of sorts. Well, they understandably wouldn't, and instead handed him sanitary towels because they aren't freaking doctors.

It just gets better after the jump!

Upon arrival in Puerto Vallarta some three hours later, the man was driven to the hospital by a travel agent he knew in the area, and it was found out at the hospital that he had a ruptured vein. From what? Who knows—perhaps attempting to join the Mile High Club in cramped quarters? In any case, he sued Air Transat for $8,000, claiming that they failed to provide him with adequate medical treatment. Airplanes only carry certain medical supplies on board, and definitely not a scrotum sewing kit, so who knows what he expected.

Happily, the judge who heard the case realized his lunacy and not only threw it out, but also ordered the man to pay $189 in court costs to Air Transat. BOOYAH.

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