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What City is Host to the Fanciest McDonald's? Hint: Mosaics!

Where: Piazza di Spagna 46/47, Rome, Italy
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Have you ever been traveling somewhere really remote or of historical importance, and then turned around and spotted a McDonald's? We have! From the Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai to the Negev Desert in Israel, the world is peppered with Shocking McDonald's locations, and we're trying to map them all.

Helping us out, a reader emailed to tip us off to the fanciest McDonald's, which was also the first to be in Italy; it opened on March 20, 1986, and is still going strong next to the Spanish Steps in Rome. We've actually been to this one a few times when we lived in Rome, and we can vouch for its ritzy interior (mosaics!) and breadth of offerings (salad bar!), but let's hear what a more recent visitor had to say about it:

There is a McDonalds in Rome, very near the Spanish steps. When it opened, it was one of the largest in the world. It is quite lovely, with marble everywhere-not the usual fiberglass, stainless steel, and industrial tile of most McDonald's. There were protests when the McDonald's opened, connected to the start of the "slow foods" movement.

There may have been protests when it opened, but no anymore. This golden arches has attempted to blend in with its surroundings as much as possible, and thus you'll enter it via a Perugina Baci chocolates shop—the McDonald's is upstairs, past a mosaic wall with water trickling down it, cobblestone steps and travertine walls.

In the morning, you'll find assortments of pastries to choose from, and for lunch and dinner, be sure to note their special extra value meals! At different times during own visits, we've spotted a "Jamaican meal" with jerk chicken sandwich and Caribbean rice side, and a ,b>"French meal" with Chicken cordon bleu sandwich and little cheesy potato croquettes. And—we're assuming it hasn't been removed lately—there's a full salad bar.

Even if you don't go for food, and only want to see it, you'll join plenty others who have now made this McDonald's like an unofficial tourist landmark.

Got another shocking McDonald's location we should know about? This is going to be a running series, so email us your suggestions!

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