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Why Does Brazil Have a Problem with Paris Hilton in a Mini-Skirt?

February 26, 2010 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

There's something weird going on in Brazil. We haven't figured out what it is yet but we're pretty sure we don't like it. South America's largest country is supposed to be a libertine paradise, where chiseled men and perfect women mingle in itty-bitty swimsuits with the kind of wild abandon that would make Hugh Hefner mutter darkly about declining family values. Now the nation, once one of the world's sex travel hotspots, seems to be turning into some kind of soccer-obsessed version of Puritan New England circa the Pilgrims.

Last year there was that flap over a first-year undergrad's pink miniskirt, which got her chased out of a tourism class and off campus by male students yelling "Whore! Whore!" And while Brazilian Playboy editors did their level best to redeem the country's reputation, a new scandal is threatening to ignite a second moral kerfuffle. A 1-minute beer commercial with Paris Hilton has sparked not one, not two, but a grand total of three investigations. We'll get to the details in a second—suffice it to say she's not wearing anything she wouldn't wear at Tao, and not acting in any way she wouldn't act at Tao—but first we're going to give you the video. Because it's Friday. And research is important.

Apparently Devassa's video and ad campaign might "encourage excessive consumption." Or they might "appeal to sensuality" in a way that "constitutes the principal content of the message" There's also the possibility that they're "sexist and disrespectful to women." Any of the three would be out of bounds, so that's what Brazil's self-regulatory body will be looking into for the near future.

Really Brazil? Really? Paris Hilton and a short dress are too much for your delicate sensibilities? It's like we just don't know you any more.

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Archived Comments:

You didn´t get it

The problem with the ad is that is a beer ad. In Brazil beer ads have severe restrictions imposed by the beer industry in order to avoid a ban that was proposed in congress. Ads for beverages with higher levels of alcohol are already forbidden. So the industry imposed that sex can't be used in beer ads, among other things. If the Paris Hilton ad was for anything else there would be no problem. In fact there are many "sexier" ads in Brazil. All beer ads i've seen in the US and UK would be banned now in Brazil. But a lot of brazilian ads for other products could never be aired at least in the US.

do research before you write an article

This is based on a regulation that the Brazilian government imposed on the beer industry. If the ad did not involve Paris Hilton, then there would not have not been an problem. Jose is right. There are much more advertising with women exposed than this beer ad. Do your research before you write about it!!!