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Lufthansa's Long-Haul WiFi Service Will Be Fast, Easy and Possibly Lifesaving

February 25, 2010 at 2:19 PM | by | ()

We are huge HUGE advocates of in-flight WiFi here at Jaunted, so when Lufthansa announced that they'd be bringing back their FlyNet system for long-range in-flight WiFi, we were elated...but we're also impatient. When will Lufthansa have this up and running, we asked, and all we've heard thus far is "the middle of this year."

But since other domestic airlines still can't get it together enough to outfit even half their fleets with it, we'll keep waiting for the miracle that is long-haul in-flight WiFI when Lufthansa finally re-debuts the service. Here's what we can expect:

Thanks to FlyNet, Lufthansa passengers will soon not only have WLAN Internet access but will also be able to send SMS messages by mobile phone and transfer data via smart phones such as PDA, iPhone or BlackBerry devices. Together with its new business partner Panasonic, Lufthansa aims to equip a major part of its long-range fleet with FlyNet within the first year of operation.

Lufthansa is deliberately focusing on high bandwidth as the main requirement for the unrestricted use of such services as web surfing, email/file transfer including attachments and the Virtual Private Network (VPN). In addition, only wide bandwidth will enable potential future operational applications such as telemedicine for the transmission of a patient's vital parameters to a ground station.

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