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How To Cruise Around The World

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There’s plenty of potential aggravation and claustrophobia to be had with a trip around the world by plane or bus, but taking a ship around the globe should allow for a little more room to stretch out. People have been sailing to exotic locations for centuries, and even if you think you’re too cool to cruise—it’s still a solid option. It will take quite some time to complete your travel, which is a good thing, but just start saving those vacation days at the office. So if you’re looking for permission to come aboard, here are some of our ideas on how to do it.

Ideas on How to Cruise Around the World, after the jump!

· Grand World Voyage Cruises
Some of the most traditional options are offered by the major cruise lines like Holland America. They have options to get around the globe without issue, but there’s also options that help you just check out specific geography like the Caribbean, Pacific Rim, or Europe. However, these trips aren’t really taking you everywhere the world has to offer, so the best bet is to pony up for a 110-day Grand World Voyage. The cheapest staterooms start at about $17,000 per person and the ms Amsterdam departs from Ft. Lauderdale next January. Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Dubai are just some of the highlights—bring a couple extra camera memory cards.

· Full World Voyage
For those looking to experience only the ultimate in luxury, Cunard is offering plenty of options for a trip around the world in 2011. Choose from either the Queen Elizabeth or Queen Mary 2 for sailings over 100 days and a chance to visit over 30 countries and 50 ports of call. There’s options to leave from either Florida or New York, so at least you can save a few bucks on airfare. Booking something by the end of the month will help you save 10 percent, and you’ll receive a $2,000 credit per stateroom. We like saving cash as much as the next person, but it’s just a drop in the bucket when rates start at between $20,000 and $30,000 a person—and they head sharply north from there.

· Voyages of the Great Explorers
We’re often quick to judge cruises, and we recognize that some might not feel that a luxury liner is the best way to truly experience all the world has to offer. However, taking a trip on a small ship to check things out in a specific region is a good idea. Combine a cruise with a stopover on your round the world airfare and you’ll have something to brag about in your next Christmas card. CruiseWest offers voyages to India, the Mediterranean, and the South Pacific, and many more. Organizers even promise the opportunity to participate in an Ultimate Explorers Experience. It’s an excursion so extraordinary that it will become a lifetime highlight—their words not ours.

Before you even order that first cruise brochure, make sure you head over to Cruise Critic. It’s the go-to site when it comes to all things cruising. They’ve got the rundown on packages, ships, ports of call, and what to avoid—like that pesky norovirus!

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