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Racy Flight Attendant Pictures Earn BA the Nickname 'British Bareways'

February 25, 2010 at 10:46 AM | by | ()

With an airline personnel strike looming, it couldn't be better timing for some British Airways flight attendants to let loose, take a few naughty pictures of themselves, and then end up in a huge mess as the pictures resurface on a porn website. That's exactly what happened to several BA flight attendants, according to the UK's Sun.

Click here to see the racy pictures (semi-NSFW!)

The Sun's source says that the pictures were "never intended to get out and it would never have occurred to the girls they would end up on a porn site." British Airways hasn't even confirmed that the girls are actual employees of the airline, let alone have they talked about punishments for the saucy stewardesses, but now they know as everyone learns at one time or another: if you put something out on the internet, it's there forever and can go anywhere.

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i don't think these are real

the BA staff i fly with never, ever look like this

I would love to fly

Hey BA staff is cool