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American Airlines Resumes Regular Flights to Haiti, But Who's Going?

February 22, 2010 at 10:40 AM | by | ()

January 12. That was the day that Haiti suffered the devastating 7.0 earthquake and the day that American Airlines ceased their commercial flights to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti's capital, on account of the damage to the airport and the country in general. But now, over a month later, the airline is the first to resume their flights, after resuming abbreviated service last Friday.

Actually, American never stopped flying between the US and Haiti during the last month plus; instead of carrying paying passengers however, the flights continued packed with supplies and air workers.

So how much does it cost to fly there this week?

Although we doubt that anyone will want to book a flight to Port-Au-Prince for vacation or a routine visit to relatives, they are selling tickets. We checked the website and found a $794 roundtrip for this week, from Miami direct to PAP. Searching the same route in June, the total comes down to $394, with more flight options available.

If you're one of the first brave travelers to attempt the trip, you might find yourself arriving to the cargo terminal rather than the usual airport because, although American has staff down there rebuilding their airport property, the terminal still isn't up to par for receiving regular flights full of passengers.

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