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Enjoy a McDonald's McBacon Steps Away From a Historical Gallows in London

Where: Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom
February 19, 2010 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

When in London recently, we came across yet another McDonald's in an odd spot, to add to our ever-growing map of the Most Shocking McDonald's Locations. In search of an English Breakfast sandwich we had once had at a British McD's, we walked to a golden arches nearby the Marble Arch tube stop in London. While eating our bacon roll—sadly the English Breakfast sandwich is no more—we Wikipediaed the location and discovered that it was once the site of Tyburn Tree, a gallows where criminals and Catholic martyrs were hung for almost 500 years.

And now we're eating hash browns and egg mcmuffins there.

A better view of that Bacon Roll, and more history after the jump

Granted, this McDonald's doesn't sit right atop the gallows site; that's marked with three brass triangles in the pavement at the intersection of Bayswater and Edgware Roads. It's less than a minute's walk away, but still in prime hanging territory, especially when you consider that crowds to watch the hangings could reach up to 3,000 people.

Assuming this doesn't turn you appetite, we do recommend the bacon roll if you love bacon. Because it is what it says it is: bacon, on a roll, with the option of some very British brown sauce.

Got another shocking McDonald's location we should know about? This is going to be a running series, so email us your suggestions!

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So this is the McBacon? I don't think I can satisfy myself with this bacon meal of mcdo. Though I'm not a bacon lover, so I really need to get something more from my order.Alexander Thomas