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Jaunted Winter Olympics Embed: Making New Friends In The Ticket Line-Ups

February 17, 2010 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

The 2010 Winter Olympics are finally here and the Jaunted Embeds are on the scene. All throughout the games we are going to be providing you first-hand observations and tips from a Vancouver local. Tuija Seipell is a Vancouver-based writer and a dual citizen of both Finland and Canada--so she is bound to get a medal or two right? You can follow her on Twitter here, or just follow the Vancouver 2010 Olympics tag.

If you have general admission standing-room tickets for Cypress mountain events, those tickets have now been cancelled due to heavy rain. Apparently, full refunds will be issued. The events themselves are not cancelled, neither are any other tickets for those events except the general admission standing-room tickets.

Iím disappointed, as I had standing-room tickets for Womenís Parallel Giant Slalom. That was to be my only Cypress Mountain event. To see if your events have been cancelled or moved around go to the official Vancouver 2010 site.

On a practical note, donít despair if you see a long line-up. Sometimes they move really fast, or if you can come back at another time, it may be easier to get in.

Iíve seen on Twitter that the Robson Square Zipline had a relatively short line-up early in the morning, and when I walked past the Royal Canadian Mint at 8 p.m., there was no line-up at all to see the medals (itís open till 10 p.m.).

The line-up for the outside celebration site, Downtown Live City, was only about 30 minutes late afternoon on Monday and even the Yaletown Live City line-up gets short immediately after a performance ends.

But even if the lines are long, you just might end up making new friends.

I have had some of my best times in the line-ups with total strangers. Yesterday, I met a woman from Winnipeg, whoís in town for three weeks, volunteering as a host for the U.S. Womenís hockey team. It was her day off and we chatted for probably two hours in two line-ups. We have already exchanged emails and may hook up again before the Games are over.

To get a feel for just how busy Vancouver is right now, here is some Numbers Trivia:
· The special Olympic Street car line by Bombardier had 23,000 riders on Sunday.
· The Vancouver International Airport processed approximately 31,800 passengers and 41,000 bags on Monday.
· And with the hockey now in full swing, there will be three hockey games, a victory ceremony and assorted events downtown each day. That means an estimated 90,000 people downtown!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we tell you where all the celebration action is happening!

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[Photo: Ted Topping/Tuija Seipell]

Archived Comments:

Meeting friends in line

I would agree you meet the nicest people in lines, don't be afraid to chat and ask questions, you never know who you will meet. :)

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