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Delta Plans to Demolish Old Pan Am Terminal at JFK This Summer

Where: JFK International Airport [map], New York, NY, United States
February 15, 2010 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

Remember when the fate of the stunning Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Terminal at New York's JFK Airport was up in the air? That is, until it was declared a national landmark and Jetblue finally swooped in and put it under renovation. But just because TWA's Terminal 5 was saved doesn't mean that the other old airline terminals will get quiet as lucky.

In fact, it was just announced in a Delta meeting that they plan to demolish Terminal 3—the old Pan Am Worldport that now belongs to Delta. And they're going to do it soon! Summer 2010 is the projected construction start, and an entirely new terminal will be built on the spot once the cantilevered silhouette of T3 has left the picture.

This has air travel fanatics and architecture junkies understandably upset, but we recently traveled through T3 and found the experience of the place to be insufferable. Large international flights should not be leaving out of this terminal. Delta usually only has one or two agents staffing the check-in desks, and the before-security area is so small that the terminal regularly becomes a mess of people waiting in lines going all directions. We have seen the line for security go out the door; good thing it was a sunny, warm day! And have you seen the ceiling? It leaks constantly, from many areas. If you weren't familiar with the history of the structure, you might wonder why Delta was operating out of such a inefficient and deteriorating space.

So although it saddens us to see it go, we understand that it might be time to have a fresh start with Terminal 3. After all, JFK will always have TWA's T5 and there's still the old Terminal 2 that once had Braniff, Northwest and Northeast, not to mention Terminal 6 of National Airlines and Terminal 7 of BOAC.

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Such a shame

F4 Aviation did a great post on JFK airport and that touched on the pan am terminal. I've been to JFK a few times and i love it