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Jaunted Winter Olympics Embed: Vancouver's Downtown Zipline is Free

February 10, 2010 at 5:06 PM | by | ()

The 2010 Winter Olympics are finally here and the Jaunted Embeds are on the scene. All throughout the games we are going to be providing you first-hand observations and tips from a Vancouver local. Tuija Seipell is a Vancouver-based writer and a dual citizen of both Finland and Canada--so she is bound to get a medal or two right? You can follow her on Twitter here, or just follow the Vancouver 2010 Olympics tag.

Vancouver is really buzzing now with new country-or sponsor-specific pavilions popping up by the hour. You blink and the entire landscape has changed by the time you open your eyes!

One of the most exciting free things to do during the Olympics downtown at Robson Square is the zip line by Ziptrek Ecotours that is now ready although not yet open to the public.

You climb up a four-storey high tower on the Law Court side, harness yourself into a sling, clip yourself into a line, and jump off the ledge. You zoom diagonally over Robson Square’s free public skating rink and across Robson Street. You land on Howe Street, next to the Art Gallery. There are two of the 170-meter-long wires, so two people can zip at a time.

Check out this You Tube video of the Ziptrek test-run when only one of the lines was up.

When I was hoping to get a ride (no luck!) last Friday, I realized how tall that start tower really is! Only a few testers were showing off their skills on Friday, plus the Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell, took a zip down with five-time Olympian Charmaine Crooks.

The $250,000 ride opens to the public on Friday, February 12 and closes February 28. I talked to a security guard who said that about 1,000 people per day will get a free zip across Robson. I intend to try!

Too scared to zip across downtown? Live vicariously through Ziptrek's Live Webcam.

If you are attending the Olympics and want to shoot us Olympic travel tips, please do. Any questions about what to do or how to do it while in Vancouver for the Olympics? Just ask your question in the comments below and we'll do our best to answer it.

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Archived Comments:

zip line close date

is there any chance that the zip line will continue to be open for a fee after feb 28th??

Downtown zip line

I agree! Please, please leave the zip line open....the olympic venues are already not all that accessable to vancouverites! I feel if I don't have money I can't participate in many things,and The 5-7 hour wait is just not cool! But, if they decide to leave it open...even for a short time after the olympics are over....we All will get a chance to experience the excitement! GO CANADA GO!