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From Travolta's Qantas Jet to Private Helicopters, Oprah's Audience is on the Move

December 9, 2010 at 9:06 AM | by | ()

Oprah has left the building. In fact, Oprah is finally down under in Australia, after announcing to her audience back in September that they'd all get to go the other side of the world to celebrate The Oprah Show's final season. So how are things going? Well, aside from the fact that the Travolta jet was cancelled on account of his child being born, Oprah isn't wasting any time. She's got 300 people with jet lag, and they're out helicoptering around.

According to Australia's International Business Times (who are bothering with Oprah why?), Winfrey and the gang are traveling in style: "nine helicopters have left Essendon Airport this morning to pick up Oprah and her lucky audience from Melbourne to be flown to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. They will be touring Twelve Apostles which is only accessible by air."

Nine helicopters for 300 people? We hope they mean large, military-style helicopters because the last chopper we were in (a Sikorsky) only held like ten people. Anyways, they're off having their touristy fun now, but the work will begin as Oprah is due to make a public appearance with the Aussie Prime Minister in Federation Square, followed by two taped Oprah Shows at the Sydney Opera House, where local audiences will scream with joy for her even though they aren't getting a trip to the USA.

[Photo: AP/Telegraph]

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