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'Come Fly With Me': A New Comedy TV Show That Takes 'Little Britain' into the Airport

December 23, 2010 at 8:48 AM | by | ()

Britain gets all the good TV shows. *pout*

Okay, so this isn't always the case, but hey—did they have the 124-episode, EasyJet-stalking series Airline, which later spun-off for one season of Southwest Airlines hijinks in Airline USA. But now, the UK is back at the top of the travel show world, as they are about to debut a comedy show about air travel from the people of Little Britain. It will be called, simply, Come Fly With Me.

The first episode of Come Fly With Me is set to be a small Christmas present to UK viewers, as it airs December 25 at 10pm on BBC One. The series is set to focus, as Little Britain did, on a cast of motley characters, who work for the fictional low-cost airlines FlyLo and Our Lady Air. It's quite obvious that the former mocks EasyJet, and the latter, Ryanair, but as a whole, it's a social commentary on the state of modern budget air travel. We already call TSA antics "security theater"; well, this is "airline theater" and we can't wait to watch.

Read all about the character duos set to appear in Come Fly With Me here. Already we're loving the Melody and Keeley check-in girl rivalry for a promotion (pictured way up top), the failure airport paparazzi photographers Buster and Mickey (below), and the husband-and-wife pilot team Jackie and Simon (above).

So how can US viewers catch the show? Well, there's always illegally downloading the torrent, or just wait until someone mercifully uploads it to YouTube and hope that the BBC don't have it removed immediately. Or wait for a year or so until they release a Season 1 box set. Ughhh...Britain gets all the good TV shows.

Here are two short clips, already on YouTube:

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