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Jay-Z Comes Up with a Blueprint to Open Airport Sports Bars

December 2, 2010 at 8:32 AM | by | ()

Travelers have 99 problems, but watching the game at the airport ain't one. At least, that's what Jay-Z hopes to accomplish by opening a number of U.S. airport sport bars. The hip-hop impresario/fashion designer/Beyonce husband/new author announced that he'll bring incarnations of his upscale 40/40 Clubs—which already reside in NYC, Atlantic City and Las Vegas—to several as-yet-unnamed airports. Looks like Chili's is gonna have some competition.

It seems risky, given reports of some financial problems a couple of the clubs have had. But Hova isn't deterred; in fact, in 2011, more 40/40 Clubs will open in non-airport locations, including Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Tokyo and Macau. And the NYC bar will closed in 2011 from April to July for an overhaul.

The NYC outpost is a dude spot for those with expensive taste. There's chic and sleek decor that's typically found at a lounge, more than 30 LCD televisions, and VIP rooms like the Rémy Lounge, which comes with two 72-inch plasma flat-screens, a leather bed, Italian leather couches, a pool table and a PlayStation 2 hook-up.

Since Jay created the city's "Empire State of Mind" anthem, New York would be the ideal locale for these luxe airport sports bars. LaGuardia would be a good choice, since it's been trying to take its culinary offerings up several notches. JFK would also be a convenient pick for Jay-Z, since Delta's already planning to redevelop terminal 2. What other airports should get a 40/40 Club too?

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Archived Comments:

40-40 Closed in Las Vegas

That actually closed about a year ago. The Palazzo turned it into their sportsbook now called, Lagasse's Stadium helmed by chef Emeril Lagasse.

99 problems

Lagasse and a sportsbook? So weird, but then it is Vegas.