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Deck the Departure Halls with Boughs of Holly, Sings LAX's TSA Choir

December 17, 2010 at 2:12 PM | by | ()

Our concerns with TSA ususally revolve around two things. First there's the bad apple powertrips and second there's the widespread casual incompetence. Since we covered bad apple gropiness a few days ago, we were going to hand over today's post to a discussion of casual incompetence. Exhibit A: a three-page ABC News report titled "Gaping Holes in Airline Security," which begins with an Iranian-American carrying an "impossible to miss" Glock through security, continues with quotes about how "too often guns and knives and fake explosives get through the checkpoint," and winds down with the conclusion that "we're talking about total failure."

But it's the holidays, so why dwell on the negative? Instead of all that, how about some TSA agents singing Christmas carols, the better to remind everyone that for every occasional TSA douchebag there are dozens and dozens of dedicated employees. So here is a group of well-meaning and goodhearted security officials who—having practiced on their own time—have been serenading LAX passengers during this increasingly brutal holiday travel season.

There are 17 carolers and, while they don't all have the most perfect pitch, what they lack in formal training they make up for with enthusiasm. Apparently Austin has a TSA Choir too, though we haven't been able to hunt down footage. Too bad—it's a great trend!

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