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Five Secret Santa Travel Gifts Under $10 and $20

December 14, 2010 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

The two dirty words of every holiday season: Secret Santa. Not only is it stressful, possibly embarrassing and annoying, but it also totally makes sense. Who wants to have to buy gifts for everyone at the office, or be known as that guy who doesn't get anyone anything? Secret Santa saves face, but it's just a damned pain to take part in, especially if you're stuck with a $10 limit and crafty co-workers. Thus, we've got five items below that work for Secret Santa. They're travel-themed, sure, but who doesn't daydream about traveling?

Space Ice Cream

$5 each. A classic. There's something to be said for gifting novelty food items, and that's that the receiver can enjoy them right away. They will be used in any case. Space Ice Cream is not only cheap, but if you have a $10 limit, you can get both the ice cream bar and Neapolitan ice cream choices and have a sizeable gift to put in a gift bag. And odds are that everyone will want a piece, making your gift (and its receiver) instantly popular.

Cuss Cards

$10. Even if no on at work is traveling anywhere soon, it's always a good idea to know cuss words across several languages. We like the idea of keeping one cuss card out each day to memorize and then hone pronunciation by yelling it at the printer or mumbling it when the subway train is late or traffic is insane.

F1 Check-in Passport Cover

$20-22. When traveling, it's always a good idea to keep your nationality to yourself. Just in case. Plus, having a passport holder is something kinda cosmopolitan in itself. These two options from Flight 001 are unique because the company makes them themselves. We have to confess that some of our own tags were used in the making of the cover on the right up there.

Crumpled City Map

$16. Who carries fold-out maps anymore? That's right, old people and tour groups. Hopefully most have migrated to downloading maps and apps to replace them, but we still love the idea of keeping a backup around for fun pointing-and-plotting sessions at restaurant and in train compartments. This 100% waterproof soft map crumples into a pouch and fold out in 2 seconds. You can stuff it in your pocket without rips and tears, too.

Silkscreen or Letterpress Neighborhood and World Maps

$20-75. For those with more generous Secret Santa budget, we suggest taking it a step further with artwork. The options range from awesome neighborhood posts of cities like SF, Manhattan, Brooklyn, LA, DC, Columbus and Chicago to striking world maps, an "adventure calendar," and maps of the USA and Europe that just scream travel inspiration.

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