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Foreign Grocery Friday: Hong Kong is a Treasure Chest of Exotic Potato Chip Flavors

December 10, 2010 at 12:45 PM | by | ()

When we travel, one of our favorite things to do is to pop into a local grocery store and check out the food products and candies we'd never find anywhere else. So we're trying out this new feature, Foreign Grocery Friday, where each week we'll feature some of our (and your) favorite overseas treats. Got a recommendation? Let us know!

There's a world of potato chip flavors out there, and although we consider ourselves pretty well traveled through the exotic flavors, we realize there's still more to be discovered on grocery shelves around the globe...like Mongkok-Style Roasted Sausage Crisps. We picked up a bag of these magical things in a small market in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay neighborhood the other day, and it began a day of splurging on junk food, because Hong Kong has a little bit of everything and we want to eat it all.

The Taste: We ended up with the above variety of chips. From top left, clockwise: Mongkok-style roasted sausage, soy sauce-flavor shrimp chips, MUJI pumpkin chips, Roast Ox chips from the UK, "firecracker lobster"-flavor chips also from the UK, Unagi Kabayaki (eel) chips, and Shichimi-flavor shrimp chips. Right after snapping this photo, we devoured the Mongkok bag and can comfirm that yes, there was a roasted meatiness to it and yes, it makes us crazy excited to dig into the eel-flavor crisps.

Price: They range in price, but none seem to go over $1.15 HKD ($1.50 USD).

Where to Find It: Like we said, Hong Kong is a foodie playground, and most stores carry at least a few questionable flavors. A great UK variety resides in the lower level market at Pacific Place's mall, while the others show up in corner stores like Circle K or Watson's. Just keep your eyes open for more than just exotic flavors in chips; we even spied a box of shark's fin soup-flavored pretzel sticks.

[Photo: Jaunted]

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