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White House Officials Feeling 'Frustrated' By All The Complaining Over TSA's Security Theater

December 1, 2010 at 2:37 PM | by | ()

Sure you might have some concerns about the TSA "enhanced" pat-down searches and full-body scanners, which have always been a potential disaster when combined with the organization's petty abuses of power and "our agents make up regulations" incompetence. Sure you might feel your blood pressure spike when you remember that all of the demeaning hassle is totally useless, both in theory because experts believe the full-body scanning and patdowns "100 percent won't catch anybody" and in practice since it's laughingly easy to smuggle razor blades through security.

But all of your whining and complaining is making White House officials feel unappreciated and "frustrated." So stop it America:

Now, the administration is under attack from the opposite direction, as some travelers complain that the latest measures go too far. That—and polls showing broad public support for the X-ray machines—has left some White House advisers feeling "frustrated," as one put it, by an onslaught of media coverage focused heavily on the treatment of passengers rather than the dangers the measures are designed to prevent.

With that kind of attitude, it makes sense that the TSA's new media pushback would also be teeth-gratingly condescending.

The TSA blog put up a post after Thanksgiving that may, may, end up being more obnoxious than all the security theater in all the airports in all the country. Titled "Opt Out Turns Into Opt In," it was headlined with a picture of two smiling little girls holding up a sign that said "Thank You TSA For Keeping My Family Safe!" The post then all but openly mocked anonymous opt-out "protesters"—which we suppose is their word for "concerned citizens for whom we technically work"—and bragged that "opt out day has turned into a TSA appreciation day," and that airports were operating efficiently.

And now over to NYT super-pollster Nate Silver for an explanation of how TSA's bragging is based on shady statistical manipulation, so that we can be sure that the organization's pushback is condescending and inaccurate! Oh yea, not to mention that many of the full-body scanners were turned off that day anyways.

With a sophisticated media strategy like that, no doubt this backlash will soon be a thing of the past.

[Photo: Jacinta Quesada / FEMA / Wiki Commons]

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Archived Comments:

What do they expect?

When travellers spend as much as they do to wait longer than normal for an aggressive/invasive security check, especially when it came without much warning, there shouldn't be any surprise or frustration when there's backlash. The media has covered this without spin. Consumers are upset and the media are voicing our thoughts.