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In-flight Cocktail of the Month: United's Sunrise Sunset

November 5, 2010 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

Usually our picks for the in-flight cocktail of the month come from airlines like Virgin America or JetBlue, where fun is just one ingredient for their recipe of on-board entertainment. However, this month United—an airline not particularly known for its fun factor—is getting into the game with their new cocktail, the Sunrise Sunset.

The just-launched drink promises a combination of sweet and tangy flavors. It’s a mix of cran-apple juice, vodka, a splash of orange juice, and a little squeeze of lime to top things off. It might not be the most exciting cocktail in the world, but flight attendants only have so much to work with on the beverage cart, so we give them credit for throwing together something way better than a Rum and Coke.

This new concoction was thought up by one of United’s own—flight attendant Tita Martin—and is available starting this month aboard most United Airlines flights. Apparently there was some recipe contest held by United to pick the new drink, but our invitation to the tasting finals must have ended up in our spam folder.

It will set you back $7 for the new drink, but if you’re lucky enough to be sitting up front in First you can drink yourself silly on the drinks for free. Just be sure that a taxi is waiting to pick you up curbside when you reach your final destination.

[Photo: United]

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