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Breaking: Spirit Airlines is Hand-Writing Boarding Passes After Nationwide Computer System Crash

November 24, 2010 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

Oh noes! Of all the things that could go wrong today—billed as the "busiest travel day of the year"—we thought it'd be airport security gridlocks with Opt-out Day or a mass revolt against checked baggage fees, but nope; it's worse. Spirit Airlines' computer system crashed!

According to CNN, the reservations system outage is causing long lines at all Spirit Airlines ticket counters, as the airline is hand-writing boarding passes. In addition, the website has been down since before 4:30am this morning, and passengers are unable to access their flight information online. At least they're getting personalized service:

Instead of checking people in on a first come, first serve basis, agents have been taking people into groups and checking them in based on their departing times. That has led to agents being unable to give passengers approximate wait times.

With the systems down, we wonder if Spirit passengers are then getting an extra holiday present of flying their checked and carry-on baggage for free today, since the airline regularly charges for both.

As of an update to the CNN story at 10:31am EST, Spirit Airlines maintains that none of their flights have been delayed as a result of the computer meltdown.

The blue screen of death you'll currently find on their website

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