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The TSA Will Take Away Your Turkey Gravy, But Not The Fruitcake

November 23, 2010 at 12:35 PM | by | ()

Mmm doesn't that glistening fruitcake look yummy? Not! Every year during the holidays, travelers eager to deliver food and gifts to their families transit through airports and ride airplanes with the oddest assortment of foodstuffs in their luggage. This year, the TSA is getting proactive about your food packing so as to eliminate as many thrown-out jars of homemade jelly and trashed tupperwares of chili chip dip as possible.

In fact, the TSA has released a list that says exactly what sort of holiday foods are not to be carried on the plane, but which must be in your checked luggage, snuggled safely in the hold of your plane. We've seen their treatment of maple syrup jugs at the security checkpoint before, and let us tell you that TSA agents don't mess around when it comes to ridding hand baggage of dangerous, dangerous special occasion groceries.

Don't lose the food you lovingly made (or lovingly purchased)! Here is the TSA's list of holiday food items that must be in checked luggage:

· Cranberry sauce
· Creamy dips and spreads
· Cheeses, peanut butter, etc
· Gift baskets with food items
· Salsa, jams and salad dressings
· Gravy
· Jams
· Jellies
· Maple syrup
· Oils and vinegars
· Salad dressing
· Salsa
· Sauces
· Soups
· Wine, liquor and beer

No mention of fruitcake! Also, pies and cakes are fine but "they are subject to additional screening." Ha!

Now just don't forget that any space freed up in your carry-on can't be filled with cologne, perfume, lotions or snowglobes, because those too are relegated to the cargo hold. What days we live in where a passengers can't even shake their snowglobes at 35,000-feet!

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Funny you mention snowglobes, i went through security at Vegas last week and the couple in front of me had a snowglobe confiscated. They got really angry, first with the TSA and then with each other. There was shouting involved. That is all