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Hugh Hefner's Bunnies Return to Asia with The Playboy Club Macau

Where: Macau
November 18, 2010 at 5:04 PM | by | ()

Forget Dubai. Even forget Las Vegas. The place that all the clubs and hotels and tourists in the mood to spend big money want to be is Macau. We've been and loved it; the former Portuguese colony tucked under China is only a hour's hydrofoil ride from Hong Kong, and since gambling has been legal these since the 1850s, it's got a fully developed reputation as a destination for good times. This continues to today, as the Playboy Club Macao is due to open atop the Sands Resort on Saturday.

It will be 12,000 square-feet of dining, entertainment and gambling, but of course all complimented by the Playboy bunnies who will be outfitted in the usual minimal costume, although specially designed with an "Asian flair" for this club.

Take a good look at the vintage image of Hugh Hefner and his bunnies above; the new Macau club will recreate the energy and design of the old 1960s Playboy Clubs and thus all you true Mad Men fans should start planning trips!

And hey, when you're not enjoying the view of the activity inside, the club will feature one of the best views of Macau without having to pay for a ride up the Macau Tower.

[Photo: SunTimes blog]

Archived Comments:

Apparently you haven't been to Vegas recently

The bunnies' costumes are hardly "minimal". Of course, that's not necessarily a bad thing...sometimes a little mystique can be even more intriguing.