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Southwest Airlines Might Be Hiring Pilots and Flight Attendants Any Day Now

November 15, 2010 at 10:56 AM | by | ()

Fans of khaki shorts and airplanes should look no further than Southwest Airlines for a new career opportunity. The airline that hates fees is getting ready to hire a whole bunch of new crew members to serve drinks, review safety information, and to get that annoying guy in seat 10A to shut off his Blackberry. There are also new positions for those that prefer a better view and a snazzy hat, as the airline is also looking to hire some new pilots—it’s time to update those resumes!

As of now, Southwest Airlines is mainly hiring interns for the summer of 2011, but we’re thinking it’s only a matter of time before they open up the HR floodgates to welcome thousands of applications for pilot and flight attendant positions. Back in October Gary Kelly—airline CEO and Halloween expert—announced that that the airline will need around 200 new pilots and 300 new flight attendants in advance of the merger with AirTran. The airline hasn’t hired for these positions since 2008, so it’s kind of a big deal if you’re looking for a job with one of the most profitable domestic carriers.

We’re letting you know in advance, as you should be keeping your eye on the Southwest careers website. JetBlue had openings not too long ago, but they were filled within days of them being posted. Same thing happened at Delta where the only flight attendants openings left were those with a foreign language requirement.

The training classes are expected to begin within the first quarter of next year, and if things go well the new recruits should be hitting the front lines in March. That’s why we’re getting anxious to see when the positions become available. If you are lucky enough to score a position, expect a lot of the normal stuff like a 401k, profit sharing, medical benefits, and something a little extra that other companies can’t offer—free flights for you, your spouse, parents, and kiddies.

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