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Infamous Former Flight Attendant Steven Slater Has Found a New Job

November 16, 2010 at 8:35 AM | by | ()

Remember Steven Slater? His 15 minutes may be up, but that doesn't mean that the former JetBlue flight attendants-turned-epic job-quitter can't get another job. And guess what—he has! Somehow.

Slater, who made headlines over the summer by cursing out passengers on his flight and then jumping out of the plane at JFK Airport via the inflatable evacuation slide (with two beers in hand), will be making some money working as the judge of the "Mile High Text Club" contest. The details are still fuzzy, but it has something to do with Slater deciding who has the worst travel horror story, as submitted by text message via a texting service over in-flight wifi. Wait, what? Yea, we're confused too.

Thankfully MSNBC has attempted to break it down:

The deal is with the company behind a mobile communication application, Line2, which allows inflight texting on Wi-Fi equipped planes.

Peter Sisson, CEO of Toktumi, the company behind the application, called Slater 'a perfect judge for a contest concerning the current state of air travel.

After talking with Steven, I realized that despite his dramatic approach — which he regrets — he was making a statement about the need to return civility and common courtesy to flying.

The 'Mile High Text Club' pushes the cause of communicating via text on a flight so other passengers are not disturbed by loud voice calls.

Oh well, that didn't explain much. At least for now we don't have to understand this "Line2" thing; the point of the story is that Steven Slater has found another job even though he's probably the last employee any company but a promotional one would want to hire.

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