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Take the Whirlwind Obama Tour of Asia

November 16, 2010 at 12:04 PM | by | ()

President Barack Obama has just had quite the whirlwind travel weekend, hopping and skipping from Japan to Singapore to China to South Korea in a matter of only a few days and yet he managed to fit in a few cultural stops in amongst all the flying and diplomatic handshakes. Most of the time, the sightseeing came with a required speech or a luncheon with a world leader, but still we're pretty jealous of all the places he got to go. We've listed the touristy places he visited below, just in case you'd like to take your own Obama Tour of Asia:

· Suntory Hall. Tokyo, Japan.
· Hotel Okura. Tokyo, Japan.
· Imperial Palace. Tokyo, Japan.

· Shangri-La Hotel. Singapore.
· The Istana. Singapore.

· Portman Ritz-Carlton. Shanghai, China.
· Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Shanghai, China.
· Great Hall of the People. Bejing, China.
· The Great Wall of China

· Hyatt Regency Hotel. Seoul, South Korea.
· The Blue House. Seoul, South Korea.

Bonus! Obama took a trip to India shortly before this trip. Here's some tourist sites he visited there:

· Humayan's Tomb. New Delhi, India.
· Mani Bhawan Gandhi Museum. Mumbai, India.

[Photo: Reuters]

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