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American Airlines and Air Canada Plan to Test Do-It-Yourself Bag Tags in Boston

November 11, 2010 at 8:40 AM | by | ()

If those friendly folks with the TSA give their blessing, the way you check your luggage might be getting a makeover. No longer will you have to hand over your overstuffed suitcase to an airline employee for its baggage tag, as you’ll be the one slapping that destination sticker onto the handle. That means if you’re bag ends up in Toledo rather than Tahiti you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

American Airlines and Air Canada want to bring self bag tags to the masses, or at least part of them, by testing the service in Boston later this year. Delta wants to get in on the fun as well, so expect them to be doing something similar before too long at another airport.

This is a pretty common practice overseas, as printing and affixing a destination tag is just part of the self check-in process; however, the law of the land in the United States it that things must be completed by an airline employee.

The thought is that this might speed up the check-in process. Although even if you’re doing stuff yourself there will still be a need to flash your ID and drop your baggage off to go for its ride on the behind-the-scenes airport roller coaster ride.

Seems like a good idea to us, as it should speed things up a little bit. We’ve been frustrated checking in at the airport only to then wait and wait for someone to swing by with a sticker after receiving our boarding passes. The new system is also appealing as maybe we can even swindle an overweight bag onto the plane without getting nailed with an extra fee. Sure the airlines are putting another service into the hands of its passengers, but if you can’t handle something as simple as this you probably shouldn’t be flying in the first place.

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