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Rogue Snowglobe Shuts Down Entire Airport Over the Weekend

November 1, 2010 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

We can now officially welcome the holiday travel season, and not just because Thanksgiving is weeks away. Over this last Halloween weekend, someone at the Bradley International Airport outside Hartford must have forgotten that snow globes are a no-go for launch. Thankfully the TSA was in place to protect us from this rogue souvenir, and the entire airport was shut down and evacuated.

Before 11am yesterday our buddies in blue identified something suspicious in a carry-on bag, and as a precaution, things in Terminal A—AKA the entire airport—were closed down until things were proven safe.

There was a suspicion that the globe could have contained explosives, but not surprisingly it did not contain anything more than water and artificial snow. We’ve known for a long time that snow globes need to stay at home, but consider this your 2010 holiday reminder to keep those cutesy little souvenirs at home.

Hopefully things will remain calm at the airport over the next couple weeks, as we want JetBlue to have a stress-free launch when they start flying from the airport in just a couple more weeks.

[Photo: Adam Kuban]

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