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Madame Tussauds and Hard Rock Cafes Set Their Sights on Asia

October 8, 2010 at 3:00 PM | by | Comments (0)

If you've been pining for some China travel or Thailand travel, but have been holding off because they're too unique or interesting or exciting, you might want to start looking at some of those exciting Asian LCCs that we've been writing so much about. News on the hotel and entertainment front has it that the countries are getting some of the West's most refined tourist traps, the better to enhance the region's cosmopolitan flavor. Charming.

China is getting a new Hard Rock Cafe, to be attached to Macau's existing Hard Rock Hotel and its casino. This will be the second Hard Rock in China, presumably part of our plan to bankrupt the Chinese by tricking them into buying overpriced plates of fries. That's assuming that the people who dine at the establishment will be local, and that they'll also be the ones purchasing merchandise from the shops and gambling in the casino. If it's American tourists doing that, it won't do much good for our currency imbalance at all. More the opposite.

Meanwhile, Madame Tussauds, having finally made it to Hollywood last year, is turning its sights back overseas. The newest branch is set to open up in a Bangkok mall, with specific statue details still to come. If you're deeply interested in the industry dynamics of wax figure museum tourist traps, there's a 15 minute interview with the new general manager behind the link here. It covers everything from wax hand merchandising to why Madame Tussauds believes that you'll want to visit their different branches, and do so over and over again—which is why they're promising to spread across all of Asia and Australia.

We eagerly await word on what figures they'll choose. With any luck it'll be the Jersey Shore kids, carefully crafted and sent abroad as implicit American ambassadors, and they'll be wearing Hard Rock t-shirts with glued-on beads and glitter. Wouldn't that just be perfect?

[Photo: Noodle Bones / Flickr]

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