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Korean Air Will Be The First To Fly The A380 From Asia To The USA

October 25, 2010 at 8:30 AM | by | ()

Double-decker planes have been heading back and forth over the Atlantic for quite some time, but there hasn’t been an option to take the Airbus A380 the other way around the world. Thankfully Korean Air is planning to change that, as the airline’s first A380 is set to hit the skies early next year. Best of all, they’re planning to use it for some new nonstop transpacific routes from the United States.

The airline has four planes on order in total, but the first one should be getting into their hot little hands this upcoming May. It sounds like they’re still finalizing all the goodies when it comes to the seating options, but Korean Air is promising that their big birds will be the roomiest when compared to the competition. Right now they’re planning between 400 and 450 seats on the planes. We’re just hoping that all their promises of extra space will be continued into the economy cabin, rather than just for those big spenders that are sitting up front.

The fun doesn’t stop in May, as planes two, three, and four will be handed over to the carrier in June, July, and August of next year. Besides the long haul routes between North America and Asia, expect some short trips as well. They’re looking to send the planes within Asia as well, so maybe both legs of your journey will be in one of the world’s newest airplanes.

[Photo: Airbus via FlightStory]

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