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Delta in Need of a Few Good Bilingual Flight Attendants

October 18, 2010 at 5:00 PM | by | ()

Delta might not have the fun factor of JetBlue or Virgin America, but they sure fly to a lot more destinations. So if you’ve ever dreamt of being a global flight attendant now might be a great time to consider a career up in the air with Delta. It’s more than just serving drinks and reviewing safety information, and you might just need to shell out some cash for a copy of Rosetta Stone.

Make sure you have some pretty strong stuff on your resume, because since Delta opened their website in search of new flight attendants they’ve received over 80,000 applications. The carrier is bringing back some workers from furlough, but they’re still looking for even more new blood for their crew. Now’s the time to update that LinkedIn profile you forgot about, and to delete those embarrassing pictures off that other social network.

The only downer is that you probably won’t get rich; however, the flight benefits are what make the paycheck a little more bearable. After 12 years experience you’ll probably hover around $40,000 per year as long as you work at least 75 hours a month, but that leaves plenty of other hours per month to fly around without being tethered to the beverage cart. Interviews started last week, so make sure you get your stuff submitted as soon as possible.

For now Delta has plenty of English speaking professionals to serve the friendly skies, but they are looking for those fluent in languages such as Arabic, Cantonese, French, Swedish, Greek, and Hungarian. We though we made the right decision to take Spanish in high school, but now we feel like we kind of missed out by not studying Swedish instead—IKEA expertise apparently does not count.

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Hiring outlook improving for Flight Attendants

The biggest and best news this year from the aviation sector was the announcement that Atlanta-based Delta Airlines will be hiring up to 1,000 new flight attendants. Delta, who recently merged with Northwest Airlines, is the first of the "legacy" airlines to hire flight attendants in recent years. "Normally, after a merger, there is a lag in hiring as both work groups are absorbed into one." says Tim Kirkwood, author of The Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide. "This hiring gives an optimistic trend to airline employment". The industry has been trending up in 2010. American Airlines has also announced recalls of it's furloughed Flight Attendants as well. - International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that passenger traffic climbed by 9.2 percent in July on an annual basis, with the Asia-Pacific region showing the highest gain at 10.9 percent. Also, cargo volume gained 22.7 percent. - Boeing predicts that nearly half-a-million new pilots and almost 600,000 in support-staff will need to be trained over the next 20 years to accommodate higher travel demand - up from about 233,000 pilots and 100,000 mechanics/engineers who are currently employed by airlines worldwide. - Dahlman Rose's weekly airline and aircraft lessor report indicates most of the airlines continue to see double digit revenue growth for 3Q2010 and strong forward bookings at least through mid-November. - Minneapolis Airlines/Airport Examiner reports August revenue continued to show double-digit increases at United Airlines, though the increase was slightly lower than in previous months. Passenger revenue rose by nearly 19 percent while the year-to-year capacity increase at the Chicago-based carrier was 1.7 percent. System-wide load factor for the month rose to 86.7 percent, an increase of 0.6 percent from a year ago. While the legacy carriers are showing growth in employment needs, the Mid-Size and Regional airlines have been hiring pretty much non-stop. Virgin America, jetBlue, AirTran, SkyWest, Alaska, Pinnacle, Mesaba are only some of the companies looking for new in-flight crewmembers. Applicants can see who is hiring in the US and Canada on Mr. Kirkwood's website, at www.FlightAttendantCareerGuide.com/jobs.cfm. He also recommends the page-after-page of all jobs available at www.AviaNation.com/student. Contact info: Tim Kirkwood, Author The Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide www.crew4jets.com