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Rocking and Plane-Watching at San Diego Airport

October 13, 2010 at 2:40 PM | by | ()

After taking forever to get through airport security, all we want to do is plunk down and wait sleepily for our early morning flight, but nabbing a chair near our gate can be almost next to impossible. So imagine how happy we were to stumble upon this small seating area at San Diego Airport's Terminal 2.

Not only was there plentiful seating, but it had the perfect location; it was next to Starbucks. That means we were able to order our tea and oatmeal and then enjoy breakfast while sitting in one of the big rocking chairs and watching the planes go by.

We're thinking that this relaxing sitting area was overlooked by harried travelers because it's semi-closed off with glass walls, and it could be misconstrued as part of the adjacent booth giving out flu shots. Thankfully you don't need to brave a needle to sit here. If you're rolling through SAN, be sure to seek out this ideal little spot of Zen.

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[Photo: Jennifer Kester]

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