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Full-Body Scanners 101: How Naked Is Full-Body Scan Naked?

January 6, 2010 at 5:42 PM | by | ()

Wooo! Naked sexy lady! ...or not.

There's going to be a lot of talk about full-body scanners in 2010, we can tell. So in an effort to help you understand what airports will have them, what happens when you use them, and your rights, we're dedicating this week to explaining it all in Full-Body Scanners 101.

So now that we've told you at what airports to watch for full-body scan machines and how both types of available models actually work, it's about time we discussed the most important question when it comes to this new security procedure: how naked do you look in a full-body scan?

The answer might surprise you, because although many people are really enjoying making a fuss about privacy and morals with this magical way to see underneath your clothes, the resulting images resemble something more morbid than sexual.

See what we mean after the jump...

What we do know about full-body scanners is that you can wear whatever you want to try and evade the prying eyes of the TSA—heavy wool sweaters, pleather pants, and even the finest vicuña coat—but the machines will display all your naughty bits to whoever is on duty. For this reason, the UK is understandably upset that full-body scanners violate child pornography laws, since they essentially reveal genitalia. Thus, passengers under the age of 18 are exempt from full-body scans while the matter undergoes further discussion by the airport council.

This got us thinking—how dirty are these full-body scan images, anyway? Armed with the full power of Google Image search, we set out to find the nakedest, most revealing full-body scan pictures available on the web—which are probably TSA testers anyways. And below are the results...

Bum pics! Look at those big ol' butts! What's more, look at that big ol' gun and that big ol' knife

Ooo yea, look at how hot and sexy this naked man is! No, he's really not, is he?

To tell you the truth, the above images remind us more of CSI-type stuff, like chalk outlines and autopsy photos than sexy pictures. Going through airport security is not a who's hotter naked contest; it's a who's carrying the most dangerous items contest, and full-body scanners are calibrated to pick out knives and not G-strings (although they will see a switchblade in your G-string). And if it's an issue of making passengers embarrassed and developing a bad body image, well that's what we have magazines for!

How do you feel about full-body scan privacy? Would you gladly get virtually naked for a machine, or would you rather keep your private parts private?

Jaunted's Full-Body Scanning 101
· What Airports Have Them?
· The Two Types & How They Work
· How Naked Are Full-Body Scans?
· Your Rights

[Photos: Ideaion, Xinhua/Reuters, CBSNews/ateedub]

Archived Comments:

full body scanners

just my opinion - but i'm all for it. i get the concern but i would rather be humbled by the TSA staff than blown to smithereens up in the sky by some wing-nut. it's just the nature of the beast in our times unfortunately. but a small price to pay in the long run to ensure we get to our destinations safely.

Another layer of security theatre.

"The reason there are few attempts to blow up airplanes is not because we have successfully restricted people from blowing up airplanes. It's because not many people want to blow up airplanes." - from Squashed

somewhat against it ..

personally while I understand the safety and security its supposed to offer, I think it IS a bit revealing and I for one will refuse the scan. While I doubt there are really that many pedophiles working as TSA's hoping to scan kids .. I do think there are LOTS of dirty minded men who will get their kicks all day long looking at female after female. You KNOW they are going to gossip about it later on their break.

Much worse than those pix show

Those are very small, very low-res images of what is actually involved.  This is a much more realistic version of what is actually being seen: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=972_1262283908.

The scanners do not detect weapons nor explosives.  There are several MUCH less invasive ways to do that.  And since weapons and explosives are what the security is supposed to be about it only makes sense that the systems pursued are focused on those.

nothing to worry about

I walked through one of the trial versions of these a few months ago at a terminal in RDU (raleigh durham NC) airport. The screener who sees the image isn't in the room, so they cannot actually see you; all they do is sit on a computer and look at grey/blue computer models of thousands of people pass through every day... no different than looking at mannequins really. The machines are freakishly accurate, I had a standard sized tube of chap stick in my right jean pocket and they asked if I was carrying a tube of something in my right pocket. With the ceramic knives and plastic guns on the market these days, I'm all for it.

Less stripping

Full body scanners are less intrusive than being required to take off shoes and belts. I'd rather have the body scan than having to strip.


Thats some pretty cool stuff dude. I mean really. RT www.total-anonymity.at.tc

Yeah Right

I would rather be stripped searched then blasted with radiation every time i get on a plane. What the heck are people thinking? It is a huge x-ray machine!!!!! Security lol. That machine would not even have detected the "underwear" bomb where a strip search would. As far as knives and guns ... they already have technology that detect metal. So do bit try to pull the wool over my eyes by saying the new x-ray catches guns and knives and the old technology does not. If you are uncomfortable with a strip search then you should be uncomfortable with a full body x-ray. Yes ... lets modify our RDNA every time we board a plane!


awesome, the body scanning machines will detect a switchblade..but if you hide 10 lbs of C4 in your G string it wont even see it. because its obvious you will use a switchblade to blow up a plane. People who blow up planes NEVER think C4

Health shouldn't be the issue to boo this idea

If it's about the privacy, then that's cool. But don't fool yourself about the radiation. You do way more damage carrying a cell phone all day, or driving your regular commute beside high-voltage power lines, or even living near high speed electric rail tracks -- these things do so much more damage than 20 seconds in a scanner. For those who fly every day/week: perhaps think of re-evaluating your business lifestyle. That much travel is just unnecessary dinosaur-habit in today's world (at least the vast majority of the time). Long story short, I'm down with privacy concerns, but health concerns are not an issue for the vast majority of travelers, at least considering the everyday infrastructure in which we live.

Subject line which demands filling for no reason

How about this idea - have a line of people who want to be strip searched, and have a line of people who want to be scanned. See which one is the most preferred after, say, an hour. I would rather walk from ticket desk to airplane, with a big twenty-meter long three meter tall scanning screen that shows EVERYBODY walking through it, ALL THE TIME, than have to wait in line and jump through TSA or Customs hoops. Total Recall style. I honestly don't understand why this isn't how it works already.

Couldn't care less

Do I think it'll really help stop terrorists? Not particularly. Do I care if some small set of humans get to see me naked in some weird color scheme? Nope, again, not really. If it makes the TSA happy, or makes people feel safer and streamlines travel, then let them go ahead full steam.

Will this really stop terrorists?

If someone really wants to blow up a plane, they will find ways around it. Does it scan inside your body? Drugs are smuggled in body cavities, i'm sure explosives are no different. If the 18 and under laws go into effect, then will they also send children in with explosives? I guess not if they take their PlayDoh away.

Stop the Panic on Air Security

One of the greatest minds in the security field has said it many times before. These measures are worthless because they only stop the tactics that have already been used. Check out his articles, this is the guy the NSA and CIA turn to for their answers... http://www.schneier.com/essay-304.html

Airline Security

To the bleeding hearts and "I've got my rights" groups- I'll bet if God forbid you ever did get blown up on a plane your obituary wouldn't say that you were against more airport security. Whether you fly alot or occasionally it's a no-brainer. DON'T FIGHT ADDED SECURITY!! If you think you're that important take a private plane. Personally I don't think they should limit to 18 and above. I worked in a prison for over 20 years and more than 20% of weapons, drugs and ammo found was trying to be smuggled in on youngtsters and babies.


They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Benjamin Franklin.

body scanners

Do you really want some pervert tsa officer checking out naked scans of your wife and or children? I can see alot of perverts applying for tsa jobs and getting their jollies checking out the long line of child porn waiting to board the planes. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/jan/04/new-scanners-child-porn-laws Remember those who trade their liberties for security deserve and receive neither. Statistically youre more likely to die in an avalanche than from terrorism. The govt would love you all to be so afraid that theres a terrorist under waiting in every nook and cranny so that they can continually control the population and take away more of your freedoms as we spiral downward into a tyrannical police state. I say protest these machines and boycott leisure travel until these machines are done away with.


carrying a cell phone is a choice. running your family through radiation chambers at the airport is not. http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/24331/ http://camtriplehelix.com/journal/issue/2/full-body-ct-scanning/pdf

bigger picture

C'mon.. most of these concerns are so petty.. someone seeing your body? we're all human beings, same parts... maybe you had an accident or surgery that makes you different.. but you shouldn't be ashamed. If you're not comfortable with yourself you should probably think about your life and how to improve it. If your main concern is the radiation... well, suck it up... we're constantly bombarded by radiation. What this produces is minimal compared to many of the electronics we constantly use.. and the sun.

The real concern is, as pointed out by David Cooper, that they (not just the government(s), but the true people in power, mainly the owners of the biggest companies) keep using fear to control people. As long as people feel "safer" they can keep on taking away our rights and people won't fight. OK, maybe this one case doesn't necessarily infringe greatly on our rights, but it's another small step in that direction. Lets face it, it's more likely to die in a plane that crashes than one that was blown up by a "terrorist". Heck, it's more likely you'll be struck by lightning than die in a terrorist airborne attack. (http://andymatic.com/your-odds-of-being-in-a-airplane-terrorist-attack/, note: I don't know the accuracy of the numbers, but I'm just trying to make a point)

Also, keep in mind the cost of these machines, who do you think pays for them? This is just more debt stacked on to this pointless "war on terror". Which the people will have to pay for in the future. Is it worth the price? look at all the different machines that have been tried and failed.

I don't even know why I've taken to trouble to write this, as "they" will stay in power, and the dumbed down sheeple will do and agree with what "they" say. I guess if one person wakes up a bit and opens up their mind after reading this it was worth the write. Believe in the true nature of men, freedom... real freedom. Peace to all.

You forgot to mention

You forgot to mention that the TSA has not allowed any full-quality images to be released.  The machines have their displays artificially degraded.  They are capable of photographic quality imagery, and in fact the actual image captured is like this.  The image is distorted and blurred after the fact in order to attempt to introduce some level of privacy.

But this is just a software setting.  With a little tweak, the machine is back to full quality images.  The TSA has not permitted the release of any of photo quality images, only the artificially distorted ones.

It's inevitable that either the quality will be turned up over time, once people have grown accustomed to exposing themselves to strangers, or that individual checkpoints will decide to alter the setting themselves for a better look.

The worst part is that it's all still security theater.  Until they're producing a colorectal image along with everything else, this doesn't alter anyone's ability to smuggle a weapon onto a plane - it only alters the location they have to store it.  A quick trip to the lav, and they're right back on target.

Nothing against added security

I've got nothing against added security.  What's going on in airports today is not security though - it's security theater.  A lot of attempted illusion at better security without actually accomplishing anything.  

Recently a guy just walked right into Newark's secure zone, and they still have no idea who it was or why.  

Full body scanners would not have identified the underpants bomber's payload if it's stored under his testicles, let alone if he stored it in a balloon in his rectum.  

Worst yet, stick a bag in checked luggage with an explosive device that you can activate with a two-way radio.  Simple to produce, almost impossible to detect.

The amount of time and money spent on meaningless inconveniences that offer nothing in the way of improved security but sacrifice plenty in terms of lost liberty is staggering.

Nothing will ever come of this

how many bombs have been found in people's water bottles and shoes, exactly?

Why the blurry face?

In the first picture there, why's her face twice as blurry as the rest? Photoshopped it before publishing? Why? Privacy concerns? Why? .. there shouldn't be .. a user shouldn't be identifiable via this method.

Great idea...

This is a great idea and all but will all airports around the world use this? Isn't TSA and all these guidelines just for the US airports? What if smaller 3rd world countries can't afford these types of technologies. Wouldn't it be very easy for a terrorist to hop on a flight from one of those smaller airports? (ex: Nigerian terrorist) Maybe I am missing the point here.

blurry face

The software of full-body scanners blurs the faces of the passengers; we didn't do any photoshopping to it. For more on what gets blurred and what doesn't, see Full-Body Scanners 101: The Two Types and How They Work

Scanner may harm your skin

I think such scanners may be harmful for our skin. I am not sure. However, I am skeptical about this as anything that's not natural does a little harm to our body (freaking side effects). These may not be observed immediately after a scan it may take a few generations to reflect changes may be in genes or something. However, i hate it for this reason. I don't even like metal detectors. I wouldn't mind getting frisked.


Speaking as a female who experiences molestation every single time I have been through an airport in recent years, I find it funny that only males are ok with this for the most part. This simply does not apply to you; but instead to all the "random" 20-30 year old females that will be pulled aside for this test. I assure you that being fondled (no matter what title you put on it, it is in fact being fondled), and then being forced to expose your naked body to who knows how many people in the observation room, is in every single sense a violation of our rights. You know they have gone past the bounds of what they are not only allowed to do, but what is decent to do. So now, we have to be subject to this and get naked for them. It isnt about how someone feels about being naked, (i am extremely pro nudity) it`s about having the choice of for whom and where you choose to expose your body. I cannot understand how doing this to upstanding citizens who have never done anything wrong in the name of public welfare is not itself criminal. I won`t even get into why this is 100% ridiculous from the standpoint of actually deterring or stopping a terrorist that wants to blow up a plane. The bottom line is... they have won. They have taken the lives they wanted to. They have scared the entire world to the point of literally removing basic human rights from nearly every country on earth. They have achieved every single goal terrorism strives to achieve.

Jazmine, you are so correct

And the images can be inverted showing amazing detail. I can see the little technocrat pervert sitting alone in a backroom looking at airline passenger genitalia all day. There is a reason these scanners violate EU Child Pornography laws. Only a complete fool would believe that these images will not be misused, or will not be saved, and will not ultimately be data based with other planned biometric I.D. This is about the incremental stripping of all freedom, human dignity, and basic human rights. This is being used as a psychological weapon on the citizenry, not as a weapon in fighting, or preventing terrorism.

Airport Full Body Scan

I'm wondering what people will say when they find out that the negative image from a scan is easily converted to a naked picture like I found at http://newscastdaily.com/technology/negative-image-of-airport-security-body-scan


Wow, after seeing that last link I changed my mind about the privacy... This definitely infringes greatly on privacy... However, if the technology were able to be reduced in size... I'd love to get the mythical "see through clothes" goggles!! hahaha

The NWO is full of perverts, what do we expect?

The NWO likes to empower perverts and homosexuals to do things like this. Why do you think Barack H Obama has appointed sodomites to be our "safe school czar" and as our head of the Department of Homeland Security? Decent family orientated folk don't agree with this kind of filth. That's why we have Barney Frank, Kevin Jennings, Janet Neplitano, John Holdren, Nancy Pelosi, etc making the decisions for the most important aspects of our country! They want to break up the strong Husband + Wife family units and promote families built out of homosexuals who adopt children stolen via CPS. God will likely allow the USA to fail soon because the USA has too much FILTH running it!

The "Terror" Industry & Body Scans

The fact is that the most lucrative growth industry of these modern times is the "terror" business. Scores of companies greedy for government contracts are churning out "Big Brother Police State" technology at a frenetic pace. And while these new "full-body-porno" scanners utilized by the TSA "nuke-nazis" might humiliate many Americans (at least those who have never posed nude for Playboy or Playgirl), that's not even the main issue, IMHO. The main concern is the radiation.

Isn't it illegal to expose people to radiation without medical justification? How is the government allowed to irradiate us "willy-nilly" at airports? What about the deleterious effects on women in their first trimester of pregnancy, when the risks of the baby developing genetic abnormalities (caused by radiation damaging the DNA) are the highest?

Dr. John W. Gofman, an authority on the health effects of radiation, concluded that there is NO SAFE DOSE-LEVEL of radiation, since it is equivalent to dropping "grenades and small bombs" on human cells.

Exposure to radiation is dangerous, whether we are talking about typical ionizing radiation or the terahertz radiation used in many full-body scanners.

IMHO, these airport scanners should be banned. Radiation damages the DNA in your cells and much more. It accumulates in the body during one's lifetime and when it reaches a certain level, cancer is nearly certain.

Ty Bollinger

New TSA Procedure

Here is a preliminary look at the new TSA screening procedure. http://www.webdonuts.com/2010/01/tsa/

Fine with me

I would not mind at all. The other day I went to a random doctor who happened to be a male ( I am female), because I was constipated for many days. He not only striped me but also put his finger up my a**. I guess getting blown up in mid air is a bigger problem than being constipated to bear with this invasion of privacy.

It's Not Worth It

All I can say is that I once loved flying but now I doubt I will ever fly again. It's just not worth it anymore.


If the people at the airports are desperate to have a look at my arse or my fanny or my tits, we should make them sign a waiver so that our "bits" don't end up on You Tube or Facebook etc. There's bound to be one or two bastards who will try and do this.

This is just sick.

There is so much room for abuse with the full body scan, that a new form of terrorism can blossom from this. Think about it, there will be someone who will utilize this inappropiately as with anything that humans come up with- someone's whole life could be shattered through just one slip up of security, resulting in a deranged pervert making off with a higher resolution picture of a passenger's body. Boom. In one day their nakedness is on google, myspace, facebook. Colleagues, the neighborhood, everyone that he/she ecounters will make a mockery of them. There are many answers in fighting terrorism and preserving our freedom- this is not the solution and is literally a great big shit on our rights.

This isn't about security.

Sorry to bust your bubble but these new machines have nothing to do with security. It's all about money and the TSA spending money on these machines.

My mother would not do so?

Assalamu 'Alaikum sister Ghazala Fine with me I would not mind at all. The other day I went to a random doctor who happened to be a male ( I am female), because I was constipated for many days. He not only striped me but also put his finger up my a**. I guess getting blown up in mid air is a bigger problem than being constipated to bear with this invasion of privacy. My Niqab/Burka-wearing,Quran-abiding, Hayaa-conscious zoologist mother would never do so.And even if she was examined by a female doctor, she would not describe the details in public like this. In fact, there are other possible ways in these days of technological innovation to detect explosives than defiling the Satr of Muslims(the parts of body that must be covered as prescribed by our Nabee(sall Allaahu alaihi wasallam) ). neorient@gmail.com

Wake up

I guess it will be okay to do their next step to put finger in your ass and put these brand new brain scanners which supposedly read your thoughts and decide who is terrorist and who is not. Wake up all of you sheep's before it is to late. Don't you see their goal? Don't you see they are closing in slowly but surely and all because of sheep's who are scared. You will die one day or another anyway. Do not sell your soul and truth because your fears. Ohhh just wake uuuuupppppppp.

Lie of inverted photos, really they are coloured

he full body scanners that President Obama last night authorized to be rolled out in airports across the country at a cost of over $1 billion dollars not only produce detailed pictures of your genitals, but once inverted some of those images also display your naked body in full living color. And you don't need to be a graphics wizard using a $600 software suite like Photoshop to pull off the trick - inverting a photo is a simple process that takes one click and is an option available even in the most basic image editing software. We were sent examples of the process by readers and then tested it for ourselves to confirm that simply inverting some of the pictures produced by the body scanners creates a near-perfect replica of a naked body in full color. (SOURCE OF IMAGE). http://www.prisonplanet.com/inverted-body-scanner-image-shows-naked-body-in-full-living-color.html


i dont understand how people can be against this. any day id choose scans over being blown up. anyone who refuses should be labled a terrorist and not allowed to travel

I'm a pilot, Safty above Privacy

Im glad to see some of you agree with the body scan.

For the rest of you, know this. As a pilot I can tell you that aviation, in all aspects is about traveling in safty. safty is ALWAYS the main concern.

We dont care about your stupid claims of invasion of privacy. we could seriously care less. For us, if it means even the slightest bit of extra safty, its ok with us.

So the bottom of line is this. You don't have to fly on comercial airlines if you dont want to. If you do, then you just have to deal with the precautions we take to keep our planes and passengers safe.

Religous objection?

All I can say about this is that I hope there are exceptions made for those of us with modesty concerns for religous reasons. I would be perfectly fine with a female security attendant patting me down or whatever is neccessary, or even if there was a way for ONLY a female to see my scan. But I would not be okay AT ALL with males seeing my scan. For religous reasons my girls and I all wear skirts and shirts that cover all of our torso and chest, for the modesty aspect. Being scanned and having everything shown, sexy picture or not, would not be something I could do in good conscience. As long as they have alternatives to the scan available for anyone who does not want to be exposed I don't see anything wrong with the scans. But to make them mandatory I think is wrong.

Preserve your dignity, health and keep traveling

The low resolution images presented above are with the old t-wave (terahertz) scanners and are revealing enough and violate child porn laws in civilized parts of the world. The old (glass booth type) t-wave nude scanners are being replaced with high resolution and dangerous x-ray back-scatter machines. The new systems can store detailed images and have a 4x zoom cursor to inspect any part of the image standard. We are assured by the manufactures and officials the machines are "safe" and "don't store images" you decide? Current plans to have perhaps 2000+ installed world wide by 2011 (1000 in the US alone) . At this time the x-ray strip scanner is "optional" but, TSA announced this year to Chicago tribune plans to make them MANDATORY very soon. RockyFlatsGear makes lead free undergarments (bras, briefs and a velvet bra insert) that stops x-rays and t-wave and protects sensitive tissues and preserves privacy. The patent pending product using nano-technology were designed and tested to block x-rays and t-wave used by dangerous new whole body strip scanners. Specially design to block high energy radiation at the same time lead free and non-ferrous to not trigger metal detectors. Comfortable for everyday use, extended air travel (to protect from ionizing radiation during flight above 10,000'), durable, machine washable and made in America. Are you a frequent flier, operate high power imaging equipment, work in a secure area, flight crew member, work in a medical, dental or veterinary office? You are at increased cancer risk, to learn more and purchase go to: www.RockyFlatsGear.com Happy landings, and have a safe trip! I can be reached at : Jeff@RockyFlatsGear.com


So what, and yup, I am a guy. I dont care if they want to publish my scan. I dont care if they put a wide-screen TV up for the whole place to see, so that all the passengers know I am a man. I will strip for everyone right there in the gate. Get over yourself. You aint that hot, and neither am I.

No danger here. Refuse the strip searches!

There's no significant danger being protected against here.  

Refuse the strip searches! They're unnecessary and intrusive. The government does not necessarily represent the good guys. This is poor civil hygeine, to establish an infrastructure like this, useful to a police state, for no good reason. When was the last time anyone died in a plane terrorist incident? You're in more danger driving to the airport.  


Realize Who We're Dealing With Here

The folks who are claiming the full body scanners do not violate child porn laws or 4th amendment rights are the same ones benefiting financially from the sale of these devices. What would you expect them to say, "We're sorry, we lied?" You should know by now that if our government doesn't care about you or your safety, the corporations certainly don't either. They will continue to do whatever they feel will maximize revenue and increase margins, nothing else. They own the judges; they aren't afraid of a few pitiful lawsuits.

Getting Nakey

I'd go through but i'd have to get a semi beforehand. I'm going to the gym before my hols in march!!! yours pervingly!

Where does it stop?

People willing to give up their rights and civil liberties for the illusion of safety, will end up with no rights or liberties.

They are going to take just a little at a time until it's gone.


Flying out of Honolulu this past summer---the TSA "strip-search" officer sat at the screen, his side-kick visible to the line of passengers, pointing out "random" individuals to go through the full body scanner. Ironic that the "random" choices were primarily attractive young females. And this was supposed to be...security?!!!?? My daughter opted out, choosing a humiliating pat-down instead. Though past 50, I still have a sexy gorgeous body...but it's not for public display. I'm not a stripper. Neither am I a criminal who deserves to be strip-searched---especially without a warrant. We'll be flying next week to be with family for Thanksgiving. I plan to "OPT OUT" of the full-body scan. We'll arrive at the airport early enough not to jeopardize our flight by opting out, allowing for the "enhanced" pat-down, whatever it might be. At least it'll be done by another woman.

they continue to win

well if I were in charge i would start by hiring ppl who knew what the hell they were doing... and i would cheep out by profiling the shit out of ppl...this country is so afraid of stepping on others toes while it caters to the enemy. none of this would be necessary if security just used their fuckin' brain.

meh, don't care who looks

I'm pushing 60. I don't care who looks. My "junk" considerably less on display than when I used to shower in the men's locker room.

What about that time of the month

what happens if it is that time of the month when you go through the scanners and you have a pad between you legs are you then going to have to pull your pants down to show if the is blood between your or carrying a wepon?

naked body scanner

WoW. Earlier, when I was young I tought it would be cool to live in the USA the land of freedom. But today I'd rather move to Ukraine than the USA. I'm really happy that I don't have to live in a nazi big brother POLICE-state with my privacy being violated more and more drasticly every year and being fed with genetically engineered food.

Full Body Scanners

A month ago I flew from Mexico City to LAX via DFW. I checked one suitcase in with American Airlines at MXO. When I arrived at Dallas and collected my suitcase before I went thru customs, I found that my bag had been broken into and a carton of cigarettes had been stolen. I emailed this information to the TSA and American Airlines, the TSA said they were only concerned with security in the USA. Why worry about body scans when baggage handlers can access your luggage.

The Full Body Scanners! No Agree ABSOLUTE !!!

personally i not agree, on this area we talking "Private Space", this be you showing your body siluet. thanks

One Country Has No Need For Any Full- Body Scan

One Country Has No Need For Any Full-Body Scan By D.K. Milgrim-Heath©2011 One country has no need for any full-body scan- Can you guess its proud name if you can? Its Israel is not that an interesting surprise? For a country with terrorists surrounding her on every side. Why can the rest of the world follow her lead? So worldwide body scans are fully eliminated indeed! Israel must be doing something quite right- Nobody scan complaints are ever in sight. `Thank you world terrorism' for this happening- You instigated this necessary aviation thing. Until reading this article I didn't know- These scanners violate child pornography laws dealing in the UK. Seeing these published scans weapons needed are to be seen- That are really shown quite justifiably I mean. Airport security isn't one a sexuality contest- Of whose body looks better than the rest. We don't need scanners for any of that to see- Even clothed people can look sexy at all ages actually! Of course to avoid scanners if you can borrow, own or rent a plane- Then no scanners or airline security people will annoy you about that again!

I dont agreeing over Here

Well first of all you can only see the body siluet and why do people react so strongly about this when we dont have privacy anywhere else, I mean anywhere whether you surf the internet walking around town.. whatever and you have no privacy and other people can view your body parts. http://www.bangkokcondofinder.com


Is it helps in detecting liquid explosives. <a href="http://onlinemoney-exchange.com">Online Money</a>

scans not violating any rights

I find it hard to believe that people claim that the scanners are a violation of rights. We have the right to travel and there are many different modes of transportation. No one is forcing anyone to fly. Forcing someone on a plane would be a violation, choosing to fly yourself is not. If you choose to fly then security measures will be in place and is certainly necessary.

people and nudity

I cannot believe people are so hung up over nudity. We were not born with clothes. Boys have boys parts and girls have girls parts. All of our bodies come in different sizes, shapes and colors, but we all have the same body parts, and we all know what they look like. so what! Why is everyone so obsessed over nudity? Anything dealing with this subject always becomes a major problem. Scanners are for everyone's safety. Get over it and use the scanner. Your stuff is not so special that it is top secret.

people and nudity

I cannot believe people are so hung up over nudity. We were not born with clothes. Boys have boys parts and girls have girls parts. All of our bodies come in different sizes, shapes and colors, but we all have the same body parts, and we all know what they look like. so what! Why is everyone so obsessed over nudity? Anything dealing with this subject always becomes a major problem. Scanners are for everyone's safety. Get over it and use the scanner. Your stuff is not so special that it is top secret.

people and nudity

I cannot believe people are so hung up over nudity. We were not born with clothes.  Boys have boys parts and girls have girls parts. All of our bodies come in different sizes, shapes and colors, but we all have the same body parts, and we all know what they look like. so what!  Why is everyone so obsessed over nudity?  Anything dealing with this subject always becomes a major problem.  Scanners are for everyone's safety.  Get over it and use the scanner.  Your stuff is not so special that it is top secret.

This is ridiculous

Nudity is not pornography. Our society is absurdly hung up with fear about this, and asinine fear of what some TSA employee might do with an image. The images are erased as soon as the next person enters the scanner. There is no way ever a person working for TSA who has to sit there for eight hours a day in a busy airport looking for weapons on each person, is ever going to get turned on by any image in that scanner. The extent of fear and stupidity our society is capable of is ludicrous. This goes for those under 18 as well - if would be criminals know that somebody under 18 is exempt from the scanner they will just use them to carry the weapons through! How safe are these things really making us, if they will so quickly excuse an entire class of travelers, millions of people. who can easily be used as pawns to carry dangerous and life threatening items onto planes.